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  • LinkSphereLinking Researchers to repositories, collections and to each other

    Professor Shirley Williams

    University of Reading, UK

  • Linking Researchers and Data

  • Social Network for Researchers

  • LinkSphere First Prototype

  • Social Technographic profile Creators those who create content, for example write a blog;Critics - those who do not create from new, but for example comment on material created, or write reviews, edit wikis;Collectors who tag material posted by others, use RSS;Joiners maintain a profile and visit sites;Spectators more commonly referred to as lurkers ;Inactives none of the above.

    From Groundswell by Charlene Li and John Bernoff

  • What Researchers WantedAs a researcher I would like a forum to discuss new ideas with a select group of colleagues

    As a researcher of Beckett I would like to know who else is doing work on Beckett so I can make contact with themAs a PhD student I would like to make finding data/info easier so that I can work more efficientlyAs a general user I would like to be able to easily see who can view content I have added so that I can have confidence in the permissions systemAs a team leader I would like to be able to add user details so that I can get technophobes involvedAs a MA director I would like to make material available to my students (without copyright problems?!) so that I can make texts accessible to themAs a person seeking funding I would like to know other in my institution with experience with that funder so that I can benefit from their experience

  • Key ThemesCollaborationCommunicationTimesavingStreamlingFinding things (people, publications, research, funding)

    Control and levels of accessLongevity sustainable dataExternal vs internalPublic vs privateTop down vs peer group

  • User Survey

  • What they use 1

  • What they use 2

  • What they use 3

  • Why they use

  • How do they use

  • Would you find a University of Reading specific social networking site useful? But:Prefer to talk to real people.Lack of time to use itDo not trust that personal information will be safeUse Facebook insteadWork with Reading colleagues is often done face to face or via email - I don't think any other service would really improve the collaboration.Not useful to my jobToo confinedWhat is it trying to achieved that isnt out there already?

  • LinkSphere Revised

  • User ObservationsLooking for loginnot quite where Im expecting. Im looking top rightsomewhat confused and getting quite frustrated I know I need to login as I want to get to personal stuff. First impression of the menu; is there is a lot of stuff in the menu. Not sure what content isI guess I can create anything below. There seems to be quite a lot of things I can create. Im not going to click down all these menu options If you can link to things that already exist then it really helps. Is CentAUR going to link to that because Im not going to do it [upload publications] twice I guess I would have to read a manual before I knew what I was doing on this What happens if I just want [my department] to see my content?

  • IssuesLogin, needs to be relocated. Length of left hand navigation is too longCommunity is a key concept that all of the participants commented upon.Terminology needs more clarity and/or explanationAll mentioned different social environments that they are a part of, particularly LinkedInTrust and privacy needs to be addressed

  • The Revised LinkSphere

  • Where Next?Prioritise getting databases accessible from the LinkSphere;Revised prototype;Workshops for groups of users;More observations;

    Reconsider the name

  • AcknowledgementsThe LinkSphere Team: At Reading:Mark Baker, Shirley Williams, Hugo Mills, Pat Parslow,At UCL: MelissaTerras, Claire Warwick, Claire RossOther contributors from the University of ReadingGraphs prepared by Claire RossLinkSphere is JISC funded project

  • Thank youYou can find me, delicious, Skype:shirleyearleyBlog: Life: Rosie LunaLinkSphere: LinkSphere Project website is at:

    *Remember the students!*