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  1. 1. LinkedIn Getting Started
  2. 2. Before Getting Started Sign up for FREE account Profile Photo Hire a photographer! It is worth it. LinkedIn Guidelines -photo-guidelines-and-conditions Write Summary Bring to the workshop a FIRST DRAFT of summary. A great place to start as we share tips & group discussions. Contact List You probably already have a great list of contacts from your CRM, Gmail, Outlook, etc.! A great place to start building your LinkedIn network is with people you already know. How to import contacts uploading-a-contacts-file 2
  3. 3. Workshop Overview Types of Accounts Why LinkedIn? Tips & Best Practices Profile Set up Reference Links 3
  4. 4. Account Types NOTE This slide deck was updated July 20, 2015. I cant find a l ink to a current side-by-side view of the plans, but left the image to give you an idea. Current upgrade options - premium/products
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn? Professional Profile = Credibility Thought Leadership = Credibility Connect + Peers, Employers, Customers Industry Insights Sales Leads 5
  6. 6. Tips Value Added Proposition What do you do Why are you qualified to do this job What industry experience do you have What types of problems are you great at solving Who benefits from your work What makes you one-in-a-million What inspires and/or motivates you 6 Sections: Summary , Experience
  7. 7. Getting Connected Taking your Offline > Online Who has viewed your profile? Suggested Connections Keep in Touch Send InMails Join Groups > Connect with Members Search > Advanced Search Ask to be introduced 7 TWITTer ACCOUNT+
  8. 8. 8 Credibility Be Relevant Be Professional Be Courteous Dont Spam Reply to Comments & Emails Contribute Update Status Group Conversations Write a Blog LIKE status updates that are interesting Ask for Recommendations
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  12. 12. Lets Get Started
  13. 13. 13 Privacy & Settings Turn on/off activity broadcast Account > Secure Password Select what others see when youve viewed their profile
  14. 14. To prevent spamming network, make sure to turn off Notify your network of updates. You can turn back on when done Edit Profile
  15. 15. Profile Professional Name Job Title Professional Photo Location Professional Headline Align your industry Customize profile URL Background Experience Organizations 17 Volunteer Causes Skills & Endorsements Education Additional Info / Interests Publications Projects Languages Honours & Awards Test Scores Patents Certifications
  16. 16. Get Connected, Not Rejected, With Your LinkedIn Invitations 17 Linked Profile Must Haves 5 Ways to Generate More Business From LinkedIn The 7 Dos and Donts of Social Selling on LinkedIn How to Keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform to Tell Your Story How To Write The 'Nearly' Perfect CV | LinkedIn A fool proof approach to social media selling | LinkedIn Rise of Social Selling LinkedIn Executive Playbook 7 Ways Sales Professionals Drive Revenue with Social Selling TRc_ldVuI 10 Hacks for creating the ultimate LinkedIn Profile!bOo9kt 33 Quick and Easy LinkedIn Tips from the Worlds Top Social Media Experts
  17. 17. LinkedIn Getting Started Workshop Presentation - Updated July 20, 2015
  18. 18. LinkedIn Getting Started Make sure to tell me you viewed the presentation. Workshop Presentation - Updated July 20, 2015