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Whether youre a new LinkedIn Recruiter user or havent logged in for a while, here are some quick tips, best practice and training resources to help you get up to speed (or back on track) and find quality talent in no time.


<ul><li> 1. Talent Solutions LinkedIn Recruiter Readiness Checklist To be successful with LinkedIn Recruiter, you need to know what tools are at your disposal and what teams are there to support you. Whether youre a new LinkedIn Recruiter user or havent logged in for a while, here are some quick tips, best practice and training resources to help you get up to speed (or back on track) and find quality talent in no time. 1.LinkedIn Recruiter Readiness: Do you have access to LinkedIn Recruiter? Make sure you have access to LinkedIn Recruiter You can access LinkedIn Recruiter through your profile, so all you need is your standard login. If you are unable to access, please contact to request login details. Who else within your organisation has Recruiter licenses? Touch base with colleagues to understand where they are at with their LinkedIn Recruiter journey and investigate any tips or short cuts theyve learnt through using the product. Leverage your teams expertise with the tool. How many LinkedIn Job Slots do you have? If you are unsure, check in with your Relationship Manager. The major difference between posting a job on a traditional jobboard and LinkedIn is that jobs on LinkedIn are not static. On a traditional job board, jobs are waiting to be found but because LinkedIn is a community of professionals, jobs posted on LinkedIn start getting forwarded to the right people. So let LinkedIn do some of the searching for you. </li></ul> <p> 2. LinkedIn Recruiter Readiness Checklist 2.Talent Brand Readiness: What are the Talent Brand essentials you need to think about? Have you purchased a Career Page? Most businesses have a Company Page that will provide broader company-wide updates and snapshot of productsservices. A Career Page will be a hub for you to grow your talent brand. Talk to your Relationship Manager about why a Career Page is important and also learn about the different levels: Silver, GoldPlatinum. Who is your Company and/or Career Page administrator? Its important to know who is looking after your Career page. Sync up with colleague/s to understand who is managing content development and distribution. How are you attracting followers and engaging the right talent? How are you going to position your talent brand? Why would potential candidates join your company? Start thinking about some of the ways you can influence the right candidates. Is it culture, mission, working environment, opportunity to work on engaging projects? This will help both you and potential candidates to assess a fit early on. 3. Recruiter Success Readiness: Were here to help! Did you know you have free and unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning Centre? Live in-person workshops, online webinars or bite-sized tutorials are available through the Learning Center. Jump into Recruiter, hover over your photo to pull the dropdown menu and click Training to view all available resources. Suggested training to get you started: Sign up for the Succeed with LinkedIn Recruiter webcast. Complete self-paced tutorials: Expand Your Reach with LinkedIn Recruiter or Work Efficiently in LinkedIn Recruiter. Your LinkedIn Talent Solutions team is here to support you on your path to success 1.Your Relationship Managerwillbe your main point of contact with a focus on ensuring you receive ROI from our partnership and that LinkedIn are aligned to your hiring strategy. 2.Your Relationship Manager will alsoengagetheCustomer Success Team, to ensure you are deriving success from you LinkedIn Talent Solution. These are the rock stars that will partner with you on the implementation and adoption of your talent solution, including talent acquisition consulting, product consulting and education planning and delivery. 3.Initially you may have been contacted by our Enterprise Services Team, based in Singapore, these guys are on-hand for technical support as your get comfortable with your solution. What does success look like for you? Start thinking about what you want to achieve with your LinkedIn Recruiter investment. Success for you may look like moving from reactive recruitment to a strategic sourcing model, developing your talent brand and social recruiting presence, reducing time to hire or becoming less reliant on agency spend to improve the bottom line. Your LinkedIn Talent Solutions Team is invested in your success so please reach out as needed to map some of these goals and success metrics so you, as a team, are working towards a common goal. </p>