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Product Webinar Fall 2014

LinkedIn Recruiter: New Product EnhancementsMarch 2015

1Todays agendaUpcoming Enhancements to Recruiter SearchWhats Coming in 2015 from LinkedIn Talent SolutionsQ&ASearch insightsPersonalized search experienceLive demos!Recent Enhancements to LinkedIn Recruiter2Recent Enhancements to LinkedIn Recruiter3

50% more unlocksYou now have 30 unlocks per month to help you find the right talentAvailable now!Liz: We are still close enough to valentines day so we are doing this session today using recruiting as a dating analogy


~2xMore likely to get a response from someone who follows your companyAvailable now!Sankar: On average, each LinkedIn member follows about six companies on LinkedIn so followers are likely to already have a pretty strong interest in your company. People who follow your company on LinkedIn are 81% more likely to respond to your InMail than those who dont. Use the Company Followers filter to find them5How do I build followers?6Download the Recruiting Firms LinkedIn Field Guide


~30% increase in response rate when reaching out to someone with a common connection

Available now!Sankar: Did you know, youre 21% more likely to get a response from a candidate when you send an InMail to someone who shares a group with you.

8LinkedIn Recruiter's new search experience9Recruiter Search Enhancements

Search insightsPersonalized searchFaster, data-driven ways to search for the right candidateMoving forward, personalized search automatically surfaces advanced filters based on usage data

A new search experience designed to help Recruiters quickly find the right talent Surfaces the most used filters based on Recruiter usageProvides real-time insight with # of search results tracked as you filter

Users can quickly refine searches and take action on results11Personalized search demo12Understanding talent pools with data can be transformational throughout your businessSetting your search strategy1Uncovering insights to inform business development2Being a strategic advisor to clients and candidates3

13and our search insights will provide a data-driven platform to make recruiters strategic advisorsShareable insights throughout your organizationReal-time updates with full Recruiter granularityAllows pivoting on one or multiple data points

12314Search insights demo15Recruiter Search Enhancements

Search insightsPersonalized searchFaster, data-driven ways to search for the right candidateWhats Coming From LinkedIn Talent Solutions in 2015 (and beyond)?17



Our Vision: Create Economic Opportunity for every member of the global workforce

Creating Economic Opportunity: Find work for those unemployed; Realize your dream job For those uninspired; Aspire others to be great at what you do For those who are already in their dream jobs

Widening gap between Skills and opportunities there today

Develop the economic graph digitally represent and map the global economy

Digital Profile/Representation for every member (347M+), every company (3.5M+), every job (2/6M+), every skill (10k+), every school (25k+), every update (10B+) (Professionally relevant knowledge)

Allow capital (IC, Human Capital, Working capital) to flow where it can be best be leveraged

18Vision: Connect talent with opportunity at massive scale

Mission: Power the majority of the worlds hires

Value Delivered to YOU: Find and recruit the best talent at scale

Product development / enhancement considerationsMember First Align with LinkedIn Vision (Build out the economic graph)Help YOU recruit the best talentDelivers YOU a higher return on LI investment Goals & Product Prioritization Considerations LinkedIn Talent Solutions19Products / enhancements being considered*Product ideas outlines key priorities and focus areas, but is not exhaustive and timing or concepts may shift. Purchasing decisions should not be based on ideas under considerationSourcingSearch personalization, insights, relevanceEnhancements to profile search infrastructure Inclusion of new filters for more granular searchJobsEnhancements to job search infrastructure Improvements to job matching algorithmsTalent ReachImproved InMail experienceContinued investment in helping you build your brand

Headline: In addition to our plans for the longer-term enhancements and new products/solutions we continue to focus on making our existing products more valuable and powerfuleSourcing: With the launch of Search 2.0 we will continue to work on the recommendations engine and the User Interface to make it more easy to search, enable customers to find more relevant candidates and provide more insights into the prospects that would be a good fit for their companies; In Addition, once our infrastructure upgrades (Galene migration) is complete we will be able to offer more search facets and additional filter to help you find that active or passive talent

Jobs: We are working on improving the recommendations algorithms to make the matches better fit your needs; the focus is also on streamlining the job posting flow

Talent Brand: Team is now in place and we will scope out the needs for the year; inc. the integration of Bizo capabilities for talent acquisition needs

Pricing/Portfolio: As part of our on-going focus on better aligning price with value, we will evaluate the need for a price increase for InMail bundles and a potentially new SKU that would fit the needs for sporadic hiring 20Q&A21Leverage the recent enhancements

Three things you can take away from todayGet ready for the new search enhancements

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