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  • 1. (877)59 COACH(5926224)LinkedInI Have a Profile and SomeConnections Next Steps

2. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Using LinkedIn for New Business Development Dean DeLisle FounderandCEOofForwardProgress,Inc. TrainandCoachover2,000peopleamonth TrainedandCoachedover50,000inSocialNetworkSkills Over30yearsinBusinessCoaching,ConsultingandTraining CallCenter,Internet,eMarketing,EventManagement, LeadGeneration,WebSeminars,eLearning,eSelling OverTwoBillionDollarsSales,over100MillionLeads,HelpedThousandsofPeopleusingInternetBasedLead FinancialServices,RealEstate,ProfessionalServices,Legal,Accounting,Manufacturing,Telecommunications,Technical,Insurance,Agencies,Auto,Retail,Banking,EducationalandChannelSales.. 3. (877)59 COACH(5926224)SocialNetworks WheredoyouStand? YOU ARE HERE 4. (877)59 COACH(5926224)TheIssuewithSocialNetworks Peopleaddconnections Theymakepostings Theylinktocontentandarticles Theymakeupdates TheyevenlinktotheirwebsitesTHEY DONT PRODUCE ANY RESULTS! 5. (877)59 COACH(5926224) Current Use of Social Network Communication? Blogs Articles Postings Status Updates Emails VideoPhoto Links 6. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Why Online Social Networks? Interactive People Respond Better Builds Trust Builds Community Viral Activity Sharing 7. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Social Networks We Already Know Ourselves CityCountry Clubs Chambers Industry Clubs Organizations Charities ReligiousHealth Network Groups LinkedIn Groups 8. (877)59 COACH(5926224) How Many Contacts Do You Have That You Cannot See? That Know YOU?Networking That Trust YOU?BeyondOne-to-One That have done Business with YOU? That would Recommend YOU? 9. (877)59 COACH(5926224) 10. (877)59 COACH(5926224)NetworkScienceNode: IndividualLink: Connection between two nodesCluster: Several linked nodesHub: Large cluster, several clustersCourtesy of Dr. Bob 11. Network Science 12. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Example Network Map MeME 13. (877)59 COACH(5926224) 14. (877)59 COACH(5926224)YourNetwork? 15. (877)59 COACH(5926224) WhatWhodoyouwant? Employment CareerMove UporOut SalesAppointmentsDirect Partnerships 16. (877)59 COACH(5926224)2012 LinkedIn Stats - Growing LinkedIn Has Over 180 Million Members Average user has 240 Connections One degree from over 35,000 Trusted Connections Two degrees from over 3,200,000 Trusted Connections 1 million new members a week 17.8 million members belong to groups 1.2 million comments and posts to groups weekly 2 billion people searches annually 1 million companies have a company pageOVER 1,000 to 1 17. (877)59 COACH(5926224)GrowingNumbers LinkedIn Has Over 90 Million Members Average User has 240 Connections One Degree From Over 35,000 Trusted Connections Two Degrees From Over 3,200,000 Trusted Connections 18. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS 2011 19. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS 2011 20. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS 2011 21. (877)59 COACH(5926224)YourNetwork YourTarget? Writedownyouridealnewnetworkprospect Industry Position Geography Other 22. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Whattypeofmessagesdoyou want? Employment CareerMove UporOut SalesAppointmentsDirect Partnerships 23. (877)59 COACH(5926224)LetsMakeSure LookGood CompleteProfile BeClear Whatwillyoudoforothers? WhyHow? Whatdoyouwantneed? Worth$4,000,000 Peer Review 24. (877)59 COACH(5926224) Maintain your Pitch1. Create your personal tagline2. Appear focused3. Put your elevator pitch to workCreate Relevancy!4. Point out your RELEVANT skills5. Explain your experience6. Distinguish yourself from the crowd7. How will you help them? 25. (877)59 COACH(5926224) 26. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Next Howmuchtimedoyou have?20 How much Minutes time does it take?a Day! 27. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Your Social Results Plan 28. (877)59 COACH(5926224) Next Connect Ask Are you on LinkedIn? Is it ok if we connect? GetSocial 29. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Then Connect Askfor 30. (877)59 COACH(5926224)More Connect Ask 31. (877)59 COACH(5926224)How many connectionsshould you ADD each week? 32. (877)59 COACH(5926224)GetRealSocial Interaction 33. (877)59 COACH(5926224)SocialandEmotionalIntelligence? To become aware of your emotions and those of others - in themoment You can use this information to manage your behavioral responsesand manage your relationships more effectively To become a stronger leader and manager To develop a more productive work environment To strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills To better manage stress, anger, frustration and anxiety To enhance your personal power, self-confidence, and assertiveness,and how to speak truth to power (Authenticity) To make better decisions in your business, career, life, andrelationships To manage conflict more productively To read others and understand the emotions they are experiencing 34. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Interaction Home 35. (877)59 COACH(5926224) 36. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Interaction Groups 37. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Interaction Groups 38. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Interaction Groups The SecretSauce? OFFLINE forTake them a deeper conversation and then get yourresults! 39. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Assignment Commit to Your Profiles Look good! Be Complete Be Relevant What will you do for others? What do you wantneed? Build Your Network Daily Even if only One a DayBe Social Have Meaningful Conversations Provide Value Only 20 Min a Day Set Appointments Be Present! 40. (877)59 COACH(5926224) Gifts for Everyone These Slides (and another cool Social Network Site) Unlimited Access to the Recording eBook The 9 Things Your Need Before You Log In Events Area on Home Page 41. (877)59 COACH(5926224)Contact UsConnect WITH Us! dean@forwardprogress.netTWITTER: PAGE: (877) 592-6224www.ForwardProgress.NET