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1. LinkedIn Enrich B2B leads socially By Manoj Dhote 2. Table of Content Introduction Objective Why LinkedIn Using LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Tool Effective ways of lead generation Profile Building Group Discussion Using # tags for broad reach LinkedIn Pulse LinkedIn Company & Showcase Pages Preventive measure for account restriction 3. Introduction LinkedIn is more like a trade show - as in a place where you would keep things pretty buttoned-up and formalized 4. Objective Our main objective is to generation leads for market research reports socially. 5. Create awareness and improve reputation. Increase your brands visibility Traffic building Attract Business Clients Lead Generation Decision Maker Lead Tracking Direct Closer 6. How to Start Create a LinkedIn account Create a good Profile Add Relevant Connections Add Relevant Groups LinkedIn Submissions 7. How to Start Effective ways Profile Building - I The Summary Make it explain why someone would want to do business with you Your elevator pitch Read it out loud - would you stop and take a closer look? Add Presentation documents in summary Experience & Skills Explain what you've done as well as what you CAN do Interests, Groups & Associations Showcase where you're active Recommendations You need them Testimonials to your service, expertise, and skill can build trust and make you look more attractive Make sure the details you provide should be relevant to your industry expertise 8. Effective Ways: Contd.. Profile should be build in such way, its strength should be All Star or Expert level You can create profile in multiple language Ex: If your scope of services or products is different for, say, Italy, you can use your Italian profile Ex: Reference: 9. How To Add Relevant Connections Domain related connection search (e.g. CEO Chemical) Keyword related connections search (e.g. CEO Adhesives ) Always add CEO, Directors, Vice President, Managers etc. Add new connections from your existing members list Add 20 30 new connections in a week 10. Group Discussion Search Techniques To generate leads through LinkedIn; mainly we need to focus on relevant group discussion Selecting groups: Do in-depth keyword research Create an keyword pool for each report & start looking for relevant groups Use # tags for searching any specific term in LinkedIn Search Example - With # tag result shows Without Hashtags results shows 399,379 Results 974 Results 11. Rules to Select Group Check groups relevant to your industry; To verify relevancy of group do check its profile thoroughly Two types of groups in LinkedIn Closed & Open. Target closed group to get relevant audience traction Group statistics should be mainly focused while selecting or targeting any relevant group Do check group audiences & their expertise Check group activity frequency Check demographics for region we majorly focusing on Check seniority level of group members (Should have decision makers) 12. Rules to Select Group Create a pool of keywords by - Google search, Image Search & synonyms search Keyword related group search (e.g. Seeds, Green Coatings, etc.) Domain related group search (e.g. Chemical, Food & Beverages) Also Include Secondary & Tertiary Keywords(e.g. Waterborne Coatings Market, Powder Coating Market, etc.) Check your group members profile 13. Rules to Select Group Search keyword related people and check their profile and add their groups which is related to your report or domain Keep a regular track on Google Analytic and prepare a list of groups from which you are getting maximum conversions and add that groups again if you have removed it prior. Dont add any inactive group Always add 100+ members group 14. Group Statistics 15. Effective Steps For Promotion in Groups Time Time is an essential factor while doing LinkedIn promotion Identify which region you want to target & accordingly select time and start working on LinkedIn Ex: If my targeted audience is Europe then LinkedIn promotion will starts at noon majorly & promotion would be done in only groups that has Europe region members Title & Description LinkedIn group discussion majorly happens due to your niche post Title & Description Start asking question while starting discussion Title should have keyword & should be relevant to group Use hashtags in title & Description which allows user to see post while searching within LinkedIn Promote same discussion in twitter for getting more reach 16. Effective Steps For Promotion in Groups In one group, submit only one post in a day If the pending submissions exceeds more than 2 days, then delete that pending submission from that group and try to post some other related report, even if, the process remains same, then remove that group from your groups list Delete that group in which you are not getting any conversion, likes & even any general comments on approved discussion 17. Different Approach We target audience through two different approaches; 18. LinkedIn Pulse LinkedIn Pulse is work as micro-blogging where we have publish thought leadership article. Use # tags in pulse article to get maximum reach Do social engagement & do cross sharing within social network 19. Company & Showcase Page Keep updating company page to get engagement through existing followers & provoke others audience to follow Showcase Pages have a larger banner image. They have a two-column newspaper-like layout for content posts. All Showcase Pages link directly back to the business page. This means your pages are all centralized around your company. Employee profiles cannot be associated with a Showcase Page. brands_name usel_name 20. Back-Up Plan There should be always a effective back up plan for better tomorrow; Save connections data This will be useful while creating new a/c with good number of quality members 21. ReasonforLinkedInAccountRestrictions? 22. LinkedIn Account Restrictions? 1.Spam or Abuse: This is due to spamming: Spamming in the sense doing number of promotion from one account in a day. Or by doing promotion only one or two reports in one account with similar text and link. Account must be genuine: Its look genuine, not fake. There should relevancy between group and reports. Otherwise if any group member done a flag to our report then account restrictions probability increase. Dont open Multiple LinkedIn Account t in Single Browser 23. LinkedIn Account Restrictions ? 2. Page Views- An excessively high number of LinkedIn pages or member Profiles are being viewed through our LinkedIn account. It is against our User Agreement to do so, regardless of whether you are viewing them manually or you have set up a program or third-party application that accesses the pages on your behalf. 24. LinkedIn Account Restrictions? 3. Network Strategically Within LinkedIn Groups Once you're a member of a group, you can message fellow group members for free, so make use of this feature in your networking efforts. If you see a fellow group member who looks like a strategic connection, reach out to him/her via the group messaging feature BEFORE sending an invite. Introduce yourself, break the ice, offer to help him/her and make sure that he/she is open to connecting. 25. LinkedIn Account Restrictions 4. Reach Out To OpenLink Members OpenLink is a option available to paid account members that allows other LinkedIn members to contact them for free. These members have a blue/yellow OpenLink symbol next to their name in search results and on their profile. You can send InMail messages to these members for free, so make use of the feature by reaching out and seeing if that person would be willing to connect BEFORE sending an invite. 26. LinkedIn Account Restrictions ? Account restriction might be due to IDK's feature like : If few people claim they dont know you from invitations you send out, you will earn a restricted account or suspended account. 27. LinkedIn Account Restrictions ? Account can be restricted by inviting user whom you don't know to join your network. In that case chances of account restriction increased. Actually this happen when you may be asked for an e-mail address when inviting someone to connect; You have selected Friend as your reason for inviting You have selected other as your reason for inviting You have previously invited them and they have either selected ignore or just not responded at all. then the chances of Account restriction increased 28. LinkedIn Account Restrictions? 5. Withdraw Old Invitations If you sent an invite more than a week or two ago and it still hasn't been accepted, chances are that the invitee isn't going to accept. Maybe they just aren't very active on LinkedIn, maybe they don't recognize your name/face, maybe they just don't feel compelled to connect for some reason... Either way, you run the risk of receiving a decline if the invite hasn't been accepted in a timely manner. I highly recommend going into your sent items, opening any invite that's still pending after a couple of weeks and clicking the "Withdraw Invitation" button. The invite will disappear from their inbox, no message will be sent to that person and you can always re-invite them later, if you so choose. 29. LinkedIn Account Restrictions ?