LINKEDIN Connecting Consumers to Brands (B2C Research from Linkedin) eBook

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LINKEDIN Connecting Consumers to Brands (B2C Research from Linkedin) eBook


1. Connecting Consumers to BrandsU.S. 2. Harness the Power ofProfessional ConsumersWith more than one third of all professionals on the planet on LinkedIn, there is aripe opportunity for consumer brands to leverage the buying power of professionalson our platform.As many brands on LinkedIn already knowprofessionals are consumers, too, andsome of the most influential are on LinkedIn. These professional consumers arethe most sought after audiences in the world and globally you can reach over 300million potential brand advocates.To help consumer marketers effectively reach this audience, we conducted thisresearch to understand who they are, why they are so valuable, and what content ismost relevant to them. 3. Understanding professional consumers on LinkedInRespondent ages: 18 - 4550% / 50% Gender splitRespondent seniority:Manager and belowCountry Sample SizeUnited States 608Canada 307Brazil 308United Kingdom 311Australia 307 4. We found that professional consumers on LinkedIn areA premium quality audienceBrand loyal, not price sensitive, with more buying power than other social platformsIn an aspirational mindsetOpportunity for marketers to align their brands with members professional successInfluenced by their professional networksOpinions from their professional peers impact personal buying decisionsA unique audience from other online publicationsMore unique visitors with little duplication compared to other business and social sites 5. A premium quality audienceA prime audience for high-considerationconsumer products 6. 92%of LinkedIn members 18-45make household decisions 7. They are also brand advocates willing to pay more86% 78%When I find a brand I like,I stick to itIm typically willing to pay morefor high-quality items 8. Quality and benefits are more important than price% most important customer purchase factorFulfills my needsQualityPriceTrust it will performas advertisedIs new & different45%28%14%9%3% 9. LinkedIn professionals have more buying powerthan other social platforms251185160128111LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter Facebook TumblrcomScore Buying Power Index 2013, Data. US only.U.S. Buying Power Index 10. In an aspirational mindsetOpportunity for marketers to align their brandswith members professional success in atrusted environment 11. Professional success drives their large purchases76% 66% 58%Consider a vacation Consider a new car Reward themselves 12. LinkedIn allows brands visibility around content thatconsumers feel is worthy of their time and innovativeWorth My TimeWastes My TimeLess Innovative More InnovativeSize of circleindicates usage 13. Influenced by theirprofessional networksShared content among peers on LinkedIn impactpersonal purchase decisions 14. Now more than ever, LinkedIn members influencepurchase decisions1in4 25%My LinkedIn Network is sharing moreinformation about consumer brands than thistime last yearI seek out product information from my LinkedInNetwork for personal purchases 15. Now more than ever, LinkedIn members influencepurchase decisions51%Trust information about consumerproducts that you see on LinkedIn58%If someone on LinkedIn shared anupdate about a new product, I would be more interestedin the product 16. 2x more likely to trust the information provided by LinkedInthan other social networks and this drives purchases51%23%14%LinkedInTwitterFacebook% that trustthe information from listed publishers*% personal purchases are influencedby the information published by these sources*LinkedInTwitterFacebook31%25%20%* Top 2 box 17. A unique audienceReach a distinct audience from other publishingplatforms 18. LinkedIn reaches more professional consumersthan most other key business sites77%of LinkedInusers do not VisitNY Times.com82%4.5M 19.2Mof LinkedIn usersdo not visitForbes.com89%of LinkedIn usersdo not visit Cnet.com85%of LinkedIn usersdo not visitWSJ.com13.7MUnique MonthlyVisitorsUnique Monthly Visitors8.8MUnique MonthlyVisitors2.1M6.9MUnique MonthlyVisitors9.9MUnique MonthlyVisitorsApr14 ComScore Cross Visitation data for the US. Base: 18-44 yr. olds3.5M 2.8M 19. LinkedIn also reaches a unique audienceamong social media sites13%of LinkedInusers do not VisitFacebook58%of LinkedIn usersdo not visitGoogle+83%of LinkedIn usersdo not visitPinterest66.9MUnique MonthlyVisitors23.4MUnique MonthlyVisitors13.8MUnique MonthlyVisitors20.3MUnique MonthlyVisitors19.2MUnique Monthly Visitors7.8M8M 3.3M16.7M59%of LinkedIn usersdo not visitTwitterApr14 ComScore Cross Visitation data for the US. Base: 18-44 yr. olds 20. Consumers view LinkedIn as one of the most innovativepublishers with increasing quality2.5x More likely to be calledinnovative than NYT,WSJ or New YorkerOver2x More likely to haveimproving qualitythan any other publisher 21. ?So what does thismean for marketers?Engage a prime audience of influential consumerswith relevant content on LinkedIn 22. Why should consumer brands promote contenton LinkedIn?47%Read news or information from consumerbrands on LinkedIn at least once a month 23. Over half the LinkedIn audience is looking for news,information & innovations from consumer brandsAllIndustries Auto CPG Retail TravelUpcoming innovations from the company 59% 59% 60% 60% 58%News about the company 55% 56% 55% 64% 45%News articles about the industry 54% 55% 59% 54% 49%Information about new products or services 50% 50% 53% 50% 49%General company information 46% 50% 47% 50% 39%Promotions and special offers 44% 37% 37% 45% 56% 24. Across all industries, LinkedIns youngest membersare demanding the most content. Especiallyabout innovation.Topics of Interest Across ALL INDUSTRIES Male Female 18 - 24Years Old25 - 34Years Old35 - 45Years OldUpcoming innovations from the company 63% 55% 68% 55% 54%News about the company 56% 54% 58% 56% 51%News articles about the industry 55% 53% 53% 59% 51%Information about new products or services 53% 48% 53% 45% 53%General company information 46% 47% 50% 50% 39%Promotions and special offers 45% 42% 46% 40% 45%Commentary from industry experts 48% 31% 46% 42% 43%How a product or service can improve your life 40% 39% 46% 34% 39%Updates on company social responsibility 34% 37% 40% 36% 30%Ways the company is considering the environment 33% 38% 42% 37% 28%Invitation to participate in company sponsored groups/polls 31% 37% 37% 26% 33% 25. In summary, consumer marketers on LinkedIn can...Reach a prime audience of high-quality brand advocatesAlign their brands with members professional successesLeverage an innovative platform for consumer productlaunchesRaise consumer brand awareness in a trustedenvironment 26. Be accurate Be helpful Be everywhere26Build relationships withprofessional consumerson LinkedIn in 3 ways:To learn more, contact us at 27.