Limitations and Suggestions for Future Research

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Limitations and Suggestions for future researchThis research project done on a restaurant Green Apple in Rohtak has certain limitations. First limitation of this project is the number of respondents sample size is very small, therefore for future scope is to check the certainty and deviations of the finding on bigger sample size. Second limitation of this project is its convenience survey method. We have taken our responses through floating our survey online, where respondent seriousness of taking this survey is limited. We dont know how seriously online respondents has taken this survey while filling the responses. Therefore the future scope of this survey is to increase the accuracy by conducting Mall Survey along with online survey method. Third limitation of this project is the generalization of variable and respondent for this restaurant, since we have done convenience survey for our project we could not cater respondent from only Rohtak which is the main target customer for this restaurant. Therefore results received from the research are not specific for restaurant Green Apple, but as a whole are important factors for the increase in the sales. This study on Green Apple is limited to only one segment of consumer which is young consumers with one atmosphere/environment, since this restaurant has other sections for other age group similar study can be done to know the important attributes affecting the sales of the restaurant. Also other factors like seasons and holiday are not covered in the research and has future scope for further study. Future research can also take into consideration of other attributes like male and female consumers behaviors to different attributes.


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