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Liferay Screens is our new project created to help mobile developers build awesome iOS and Android apps using Liferay as a back-end. It consist on a library of themable and customizable visual components that are wired to your Liferay Portal installation. All Liferay features you love at your fingertips!


  • 1. Beyond portals Liferay Screens

2. Liferay Screens are . . . 3. our building blocks for native software development 4. We to Liferay want make Community bigger 5. Allowing to software developers buid products beyond portals 6. because Liferay is 7. ! ! a portal but also ! ! platform a potential services platform not only 8. headless portal also known as . . . 9. Madrid, June 2014 [email protected] [email protected] - Liferay Screens Lead