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  • 1. PA Licensure in SC

2. LLR Website


3. Steps:

  • 1. Print form for either permanent or limited licensure
    • Limited allows you to work before you have passed the PANCE, but without prescriptive authority.Cost = $25.Must go online and have NCCPA people email/ mail letter of eligibility to take the PANCE to SC BME attn: Brenda Eason
    • Permanent -can not be granted until you have passed the PANCE Cost = $102.SC BME must receive notice from NCCPA that you have passed the PANCE
    • It costs $102 to upgrade from limited to permanent, so this way can allow you to practice faster for only $25 more.
    • Temporary: allows a PA to practice with his supervising physician in the interim before he is able to meet with the board

4. What you will need

  • Three letters of reference
    • 2 from physicians
    • 1 from a PA or other professional
  • Copy of Diploma
  • NCCPA certificate (for permanent)
  • Signatures from ALL your supervising and alternate MDs


  • Recent photograph- passport photo best
  • Scope of practice guidelines must accompany your application
  • Certification of PA school education- to be completed by MUSC, or other PA school office.
  • Completed 12 question exam- found in the application.

6. Prescriptive authority

    • Applications/forms
    • Physician Assistant Applications
    • Prescriptive authority application
  • Must also register with DHECandDEA BEFORE you can prescribe any controlled drugs!
  • The entire procedure is listed in the Members only section of the SCAPA Website.

7. DHEC Registration

    • Application form at:
  • $125 fee
  • Expires April 1 stof each year regardless of when you register (read webpage carefully)

8. DEA Registration

    • Chose apply for new application for registration online
    • DEA -224 form
    • Must have your DHEC # before you can complete this application

9. NCCPA Info Release

  • To get NCCPA to notify BME of your eligibility to take the exam or your score:
    • Go to
    • Sign in
    • Chose Info Release tab
    • Chose desired action
    • Send info to:
      • SC Board of Medical Examiners
      • Brenda Eason
      • [email_address]


  • You can actually turn in your limited license application before graduation; it just wont be considered complete until they receive the seal form the school.However, this allows them to get a head start on your application.
  • With limited, must get NCCPA to send PANCE exam results to BME before you can upgrade to permanent


  • Questions/Problems- Contact BREDNA EASON at SC BME at 803-896-4514
  • PLEASE be VERY nice to Ms. Eason as she is a HUGE help to us, and we want only GOOD interactions with the SC BME!
  • Once your application is complete Ms. Eason will contact you with the name of the BME interviewer in SC that you and your supervising have to meet with for a personal interview.Then you contact that person to arrange a time.
  • If this interview time is not suitable, Ms. Eason can give you the contact #s of other interviewers in the state that you and your supervising could drive to meet to obtain an earlier/more convenient appointment!


  • Good luck everyone
  • As you go through this process, please be sure to inform the entire class by email if you encounter problems, or even better find solutions!


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