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Genealogy is a growing hobby and way of life for many! This makes this a very important topic for libraries and those responsible for training. This guide gives you a state by state breakdown of some popular resources you might be able to use in your library!


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State by State: A Closer Look! Introduction: Why this class?Most of us are well aware of Google and the ongoing growing collections of the major online genealogical vendors. We might not be as aware, however, of digital resources available at the local and collegiate level, from small town archives to the local city college just down the street. With many of these institutions archival content just now coming online, these untapped resources might hold the key to your next genealogical project! So, how do we find these resources? Very often, rich, untapped veins of family history, facts, and stories ranging from photos, audio notes and much more are available for your use and study online at these locations. In this class today, we'll snapshot these resources at the state and regional level, giving you leads and information that stand out as excellent places to get your research rolling. Ready? Let's get started......

ConnecticutConnecticut State Library: Digital Collections: University of Connecticut Colonial Records: Cheshire CT Historical Society: Connecticut Historical Society: Connecticut Explored (Journal):

State by State Breakdown MaineSome of the oldest states in the Union are found in this group and many of the genealogical holdings contained in these states are well known and well used. However, there are some untapped resources still to be found. Maine State Library: Maine Historical Society: Maine Memory Network: Genealogy Today: Maine: Maine Genealogy: Bowdoin College (Genealogy Resources):

Northeast Region

Examples include the Cambridge Vermont Historical Society, Rutgers and others.

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MassachusettsMass. State Archives: #1905 Mass. State Archives (Databases): come.html Mass. State Archives (Vital Records): lRecordsSearch.aspx State Library of Mass. (Zimmer Index): ebsearch&site=Zimmer New England Ancestors: University of Mass. (Genealogy):

New JerseyNew Jersey State Library (Genealogical Info.): /Genealogy/index.php New Jersey Genealogy: Newark Public Library (Genealogy Info.): nealogy Old Newark Web Group (Genealogy links & more): Edward Ball Descendants: New Jersey State Library City Directories (PDF): ollections/citydir.pdf New Jersey Dept. of State Genealogical Holdings: nealogy.html

New YorkNYPL (Genealogy): n-division-us-history-local-history-genealogy NYPL Digital Gallery (Photographs): explore.cfm?topic=history&col_id=160 NYPL Digital Gallery (Real Estate Maps): explore.cfm?topic=history&col_id=442 NYPL Digital Gallery (Ellis Island Photographs): explore.cfm?topic=history&col_id=165 New York Genealogical & Biographical Society:

New Hampshire

Rootsweb New Hampshire Church Records Project: urches/nh.html Newberry Library (Genealogical Holdings): tml New Hampshire Genealogy & History: New Hampshire Society of Genealogists: New Hampshire Cemetery Association:

New York State Library (Genealogy Links, More):

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Rhode IslandRhode Island Genealogical Society: Rhode Island Historical Records Board: Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries: Rhode Island Historical Society:

Pennsylvania:Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania: Historical Society of Pennsylvania: PA Roots: Firstmoms PA Genealogy: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society:

Vermont:Vermont Historical Society: Vermont State Archives (Genealogy Links): Vermont History & Genealogy: Rays Place (New England Area):

Midwest Region

The Midwest is my home region and the genealogical resources located in these states are impressive and still growing! Many colleges are just now bringing their archives into the digital age, so its important to look at these resources first. Dont overlook however what the state libraries are offering as well.

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Illinois:Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (Newspaper Obituary Search): Illinois State Archives (Genealogy): rvices.html Illinois State Archives Online Databases: tabases.html St. Louis Public Library (Link to Resources): Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois (via Rootsweb): ml Chicago History Museum:

Iowa:Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (IOWA): lections/special_collections/fire_maps.html State Historical Society (Listings only): Rural Road Project: WPA 1930s Graves Registration Information: Iowa Genealogical Society:

Kansas:Kansas State Historical Society:

Indiana:Indiana State Library (Sources, Links): Indiana State Archives & Libraries (Links): Browning Genealogy: Willard Public Library (Postcards, etc.): Vital Information Exchange (Indiana Resources): Indiana State Digital Archives: Kansas Memory Project: Territorial Kansas Historical Records: Kansas Heritage Center: Kansas Interactive Genealogy: Online Kansas Death Records:

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Michigan:Michigan Genealogical Council: Huge List of MI Genealogy Links (And Others!):,1607,7-14054504_18635_18646---,00.html Michigan Searching Online: Index To Michigan Newspapers (PDF): nNewspapers.pdf Seeking Michigan: Michigan eLibrary: Detroit Society for Genealogical Research: Making of Modern Michigan:

Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota: Minnesota Maps Online: ex.htm

Missouri: Missouri State Archives Presentations: ions.asp Midwest Genealogy Center: Missouri State Archives (Genealogical Links): asp State Historical Society of Missouri: Missouri State Genealogical Association: University Of Missouri Resources: State Historical Society of Missouri Manuscript Collection: ollections/mhr.php

Minnesota:Minnesota Historical Society: Minnesota Genealogy Links (Huge List): Minnesota Birth Certificates Index: Minnesota People Finder: php

Nebraska: Nebraska State Library & Archives: Nebraska County Atlases & Plat Books: html Nebraska State Historical Society: Nebraska Studies:

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I Dream of Genealogy (Nebraska Cemeteries): Nebraska Maps: Nebraska Genealogical Societies List: Nebraska State Genealogical Society: