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  1. 1. Libraries Teaching Digital Literacy with Steve Black Founder,
  2. 2. What well be covering in this webinar 1. What is And who can use it? 2. Techboomers Site tour 3. How Libraries can Techboomers to teach students 4. Questions, ideas, and feedback
  3. 3. Free courses that teach how to use popular websites + discovery tool to find new websites
  4. 4. Why Build - Idea came from teaching my parents how to use websites - Most educational videos and articles are: - Out of date - Not detailed enough - Not written with an audience like my parents in mind: relevant and non-tech language
  5. 5. Who was built for? 50+ Adult Focus But is useful for anyone with limited computer skills Tech Training Organizations Libraries, retirement centers, senior centers, non-profits, and many more.
  6. 6. Site Tour
  7. 7. How Libraries Can Leverage Techboomers 1. Recommend and share it with patrons 2. Use tutorials to supplement existing programs 3. Create new classes using our courses / tutorials 4. Run drop-in self-learning classes
  8. 8. Recommend and Share with Patrons Post Techboomers logo and link on website Homepage, footer, resource pages, tech training pages Partners: Oakville, Calgary, Greater Victoria + many more Share in Newsletters and Social Media Join Whats new on Techboomers weekly email Techboomers flyers / postcards (coming soon)
  9. 9. Supplement Existing Programs with our Tutorials Print our article tutorials for handouts Share tutorial videos with your students Use Techboomers course functionality for students to track their progress Assign tutorials for homework to encourage continued learning at home
  10. 10. Create New Classes using our Courses Choose from the 30+ website courses we offer: Social sites: Pinterest, eHarmony, Skype Educational sites: Ancestry, WebMD, Wikipedia Entertainment sites: Netflix, BBC Radio, Rdio Shopping sites: Groupon, Amazon, Etsy Let us know what other websites youd like us to teach! Print handouts, share videos, use progress trackers and assign homework
  11. 11. Drop-In Self-Learning Sessions Run regular sessions where students are encouraged to come in with their devices (or use the librarys) Students choose a topic on Techboomers, work their way through our tutorials, and ask questions as they come up. Benefits of this type of class Encourages self-learning Teach more students at a time No ongoing preparation for teachers
  12. 12. Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Email: How Libraries can use Techboomers: 1. Recommend and share it with patrons 2. Use tutorials to supplement existing programs 3. Create new classes based on our courses 4. Run drop-in self-learning classes