Libraries as Knowledge Infrastructure of the 21st century: the role of Libraries in the future of Research and Higher Education

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Libraries as Knowledge Infrastructure of the 21st century: the role of Libraries in the future of Research and Higher Education. A presentation by Dr. Paul Ayris (LIBER President) to the European Commission.


<ul><li>1.Libraries as Knowledge Infrastructure of the 21st century: the role of Libraries in the future of Research and Higher Education Dr Paul Ayris President of LIBER European Commission, Brussels 23rd September 2013 </li></ul> <p>2. CONTENTS 3. CONTENTS 4. WORKING AT SCALE LIBER has members in each member state 400+ members in total 5. LIBER Strategy - Is built on Research support Does not attempt to replicate institutional Strategies Adds value by providing a pan-European Strategy layer 3 Key Performance Areas Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures Reshaping the Research Library Advocacy and Communications STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONAL REGIONAL/ NATIONAL LIBER 6. OA Policy positions across Europe UK Finch Report set the UK policy position - See - Recommended a clear policy direction in the UK towards support for Gold open access publishing - Opposed by the research-intensive universities - 100 million will go to publishers over 5 years - No real attempt by Finch or RCUK to protect the UK research community from escalating publishing costs STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Case Study INSTITUTIONAL REGIONAL/ NATIONAL LIBER 7. STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: European Case Study INSTITUTIONAL REGIONAL/ NATIONAL LIBER 49 mandatory policies in ROARMAP Type Number Green OA mandate 36 Green OA mandate with Gold option 12 Gold preference with Green option 1 Gold costs can be paid from research grant or claimed from funder = 19 8. STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: European Case Study For an individual institutional policy, Green is the only affordable practical option JISC Report by John Houghton and Alma Swan Going for Gold See http://ie- 10 9. RESOURCING: UK library block grants as a % on institutional spend 2011-12 UCL EDIN IC KCL UMAN OXFD Block grant to Library 14,990,928 12,700,718 9,536,941 12,067,047 17,958,780 38,850,503 Total institutional expenditure 843,425,000 659,913,000 702,049,000 522,707,000 758,157,000 971,831,000 % 1.78 1.92 1.36 2.31 2.37 4.00 All Libraries Block Grant 376,812,618 Total institutional expenditure 28,881,371,655 % 1.30 10. CONTENTS 11. OPPORTUNITIES 12. CONTENTS 13. DART-Europe research theses portal DART-Europe portal Access to 418,896 open access research theses from 541 Universities, in 27 European countries Discovery and retrieval by end-users Data Service feeding other discovery systems Marketing tool by university Graduate Schools To aid selection by student of where to study 14. Early European Books Early European Books traces the history of printing in Europe from its origins through to the close of the seventeenth century, offering full-colour, high-resolution facsimile images of rare and hard-to-access printed sources. Complements EEBO Early English Books Online 15. Early European Books Contributing LIBER Libraries Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Library, Copenhagen) Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands) The Wellcome Library, London 16. Early European Books The St Andrews Universal Short Title Catalogue project (USTC) will create one of the most powerful resources ever envisaged for the study of book and print culture, providing a complete survey of all printed books at least 350,000 editions published in Europe between the invention of printing and the end of the sixteenth century Cheryl LaGuardia, Library Journal, 04/01/2010: When completed, EEB is going to fulfil the dreams of scholars around the world. A natural complement to EEBO, this is essential for every library supporting scholarly humanities research. The CERL Thesaurus contains forms of imprint places, imprint names, personal names and corporate names found in found in Early Modern printed books, including variant spellings, forms in Latin and other languages, and pseudonyms. 17. CONTENTS 18. Research Data _Content/policy/projects/sape/2012-06-20-SAOE.pdf 19. Research Data: 10 Recommendations for Libraries 1. Offer research data management support. 2. Engage in the development of metadata and data standards and services. 3. Create Data Librarian posts and develop professional staff skills for data librarianship. 4. Participate in institutional policy development. 5. Liaise with researchers to create interoperable data infrastructures. 6. Support the lifecycle for research data via service provision 7. Promote research data citation by applying persistent identifiers to data. 8. Create an institutional Data Catalogue/Repository 9. Get involved in subject specific data management practice. 10. Offer or mediate storage with institutional and/or external providers. libraries-to-get-started-with-research-data-management 20. Research Data 21. Research Data ODE Data Publication Pyramid 22. Research Data 7 roles for Libraries in Data Management Availability Making data available and providing search services Findability Support for best practice in managing data Interpretability Provision of, and training in, metadescriptions Usability Advice on subject archives and licences for re-use Citability Best practice in citations, use of Persistent Identifiers Curation Curation, and provision of training Preservation Advocacy for good data management practices and archiving 23. Research Data LIBER Survey on the ODE Recommendations for Libraries in Research Data The biggest gap between demand and supply was for support in the creation of data management plans, with only 19% of libraries providing support in this area 24. Publication Fund management JISC Collections trialling a shared service to UK universities OAK will manage OA funds held in universities And payments for APCs for Gold OA publishing 25. Need is for automated tools and workflow management, both for researchers and for libraries administering funds 26. CONTENTS 27. LERU and the European Researcher LERU Roadmap, including support from LIBER, was produced in 2011 Advocates a balanced approach between Green and Gold OA Most LERU universities more comfortable with Green than Gold LERU Roadmap for Research Data approved in principle in September 2013; signoff in November at LERU General Assembly 28. UCLs digital library provision Learning Satisfaction Online Library UCL RGI (mean) International 91.80% 91.27% Home 93.57% 92.27% Overall 92.65% 91.94% Traditional role of resource provision continues Even in an Open Access world National and International Student Barometers, Summer 2012 29. Overlay journals system developed Full-text resides in UCL Discovery and the overlay layer for presentation uses OJS Partnership between UCL Library Services and academic Departments Service will be promoted to UCL in 2013-14 See Slovo from UCL SSEES postgraduates at /Slovo 31 University publishing 30. 33 31. 34 32. Access to centrally-maintained journal management software o Ease of use o Optionally, supports a range of journal management functions o Supports rolling publication, if desirable Use of UCL Discovery for storage and dissemination o High visibility of articles o Stable URLs o Customisable download of reports o Access to repository tools for dissemination, embedding Support from UCL Library Services in a range of areas including OJS configuration, repository upload, formats, encoding, rights and licensing Long-term hosting and digital preservation University publishing: Benefits 33. CONTENTS 34. Conclusions Saint Jerome in his Study, fresco by Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1480. Church of Ognissanti, Florence Traditional role of research libraries as collectors of content continues Challenges to working at scale across Europe o LIBER can provide focus for this activity New roles for libraries as research infrastructure o By being embedded in research workflow o Leading on Open Access to Publications and Research Data Management o Managing funds for OA publication and dissemination o Library as publisher 35. Thanks for listening Questions? </p>


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