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<ul><li><p>Learning Resources in Fruitvale Elementary School (FES) Library:Improving Organization and Access</p><p>By Christa Salsiccioli</p></li><li><p>OutlineIntroductionGoals of FES libraryAreas needing changeRationales and proposed changesphysical spacefurniturehomepageTimeline The who of changeBudget and costChallengesConclusion</p></li><li><p>Introductionthe need for improved physical and digital accessstrategies, timeline, costs and potential challenges in implementing changethe support and success the changes will bring to the school community</p><p>This presentation will demonstrate:</p></li><li><p>Goals to Support Library PatronsGoal #1Provide current and authentic research and information literacy experiences</p><p>Goal #2 Support management, selection and evaluation of effective resources</p></li><li><p>Goals continuedGoal #3Advocate and promote user independence</p><p>Goal #4Provide a comfortable and workable physical space</p><p>Goal #5 Provide use of current technology </p></li><li><p>Areas Needing Change Physical Space student lounge area</p><p> Furnituretables and chairs</p><p> Homepage</p></li><li><p>Rationale for Change:position of tables make working area crampedvisually uninvitinguncomfortable seatingminimal lounge seatinglounge seating currently placed only in front of Smart Board Physical Space</p></li><li><p>Proposal for Change: Physical Spacereposition furniture to create more pathways and use the whole available spaceprovide comfortable, cozy, attractive and adequate lounge furniture create a student centered library settingsupports librarys goals #1, #3, #4</p></li><li><p>Floor Plan of Current Physical Space</p></li><li><p>Floor Plan of Proposed Physical Space</p></li><li><p>Rationale For Change:tables and chairs are too tall and too widetriangular tables awkward to work on prevents productive interaction amongst studentsunsuitable working conditions for primary students</p><p> Furniture</p></li><li><p>Proposal for Change: Furniture Provide tables and chairs with a range of different heightswill be more comfortable and accommodate all sizes of all grade levels</p><p>Flower shaped tables provide students personal working spaceSupports research, selection, management and evaluation of resources (Goal #1 and #2)</p><p>Provides a comfortable and workable space (Goal #4)</p></li><li><p>Rationale for Change:students have minimal access to computers no access for independent use at home or out of librarydoes not supporttechnology skills, Information Literacy skillsor access to digital resources</p><p>Homepage</p></li><li><p>Proposal for Change: Homepage AccessProvide student access to online library catalogue (OPAC) (Goal #1 and #3)Provide independent use to support information literacy and technology skills (Goal #2 and #3)Provide access to valuable digital resources (Goal #2)Promote positive image and learning experiences library has to offerIncrease number of computers at Computer Stations (Goal #5) </p></li><li><p>TimelinePhysical Space and FurnitureProject should take approximately 2 to 4 months from start to finishBegin project in the month of MayDraw up proposed budget plan and present to Administration, School PAC, District PAC and School Board for extra funding 1 monthSelecting, ordering and assembling furniture 1 to 2 monthsDesigning new configuration and set up 3 weeks to 1 month </p></li><li><p>TimelineHomepageApproximate timeline is 2 to 3 months and will need continued updating when runningAttend School District Professional Development opportunities in technology skills and Web 2.0 tools workshop 4 weeks, 1 hour sessions per week Attend District Librarian Meetings to work collaboratively with Teacher Librarians in creation of Homepage ongoingDesign and starting up of Homepage 1 to 2 months</p></li><li><p>The Who of Change:</p><p>Teacher Librarian Students and Staff (design and information)Administration (support and budget)PAC and School Board (budget)District Teacher Librarians (collaborative partners)Leader/professional of TechnologySchool District Maintenance Crew (assembly of furniture)</p></li><li><p>District budget is predetermined by the school board and allocates percentage of district funding to each libraryFES library receives ~ $2000.00 /year from DistrictSchool Budget requires alternate means for funding such as Book Fairs and donations from PACsurplus of money is used the next school year</p><p>Budget </p></li><li><p>$ Cost of Items $Items Purchased from Amazon.comFES has an account in which Free Super Saver Shipping may apply to some items.</p><p>ItemQuantityIndividual PriceTotalFlower Shaped Tables5$240.99$1204.95Stackable Chairs30$241.99 (pack of 6)$1209.95Beanbag Seats6$26.80$160.80Standard Chair2$65.80$131.60Childrens Sofa2$99.88$199.76Basic Birch End Table (OPTIONAL)2$49.99$99.98SUBTOTAL : $3,007.04HST 12% : $360.84SHIPPING AND HANDLING 10% : $336.79TOTAL :$3704.67</p></li><li><p>Cost continued</p><p>SHORTFALL</p><p>Type of FundingFunding AmountDistrict $1000.00School (Book Fairs, PAC)$1000.00Surplus$400.00Total: $2400.00Proposed Total : - $3,704. 67Shortfall : - $1,304.67</p></li><li><p>ChallengesBUDGET!! items may cost more than proposed and current estimated funding may not be attainableProblems with items selection, cost, shipping and handling and damage goods Unsupportive and uncooperative peopleAdministration, School Board and PAC may not approve of changes or of funding</p></li><li><p>Following Timeline things can take longer or shorter than expected, maintenance crew may be unavailable at time of requestSoftware may not be adequate for creation of Homepageupdate software </p><p>Challenges</p></li><li><p>ChallengesCommunicating changes to school communitySend library newsletter home with studentsdiscuss physical changes and new furniture provide photographs Homepage URL address Invite school community to open house to promote access to the Library Homepage and the new student lounge area At staff meetings discuss the changes implemented and their impact on student success and learning experiences</p></li><li><p>Conclusion</p><p>Communicate the positive success of the changes to the organization and access of resources! Physical Space is cramped, uninviting and uncomfortable! create more attractive looking space by repositioning furniture and creating a lounge area </p><p> Furniture is minimal and unsuitable in size for students changes are needed to the shape and height of the tables and height of the chairs additional furniture needed to create lounge area</p></li><li><p>Conclusion continuedHomepage is non-existent and thus discourages user independence and does not promote valuable digital resources available on lineCurrently, minimal access to computers makes it difficult to support research and technology skillsaccess to a Homepage will support user independence, research and technology skills and will promote the use of the libraryIf all changes are met, the FES library will be successful in its goals!</p><p>***</p></li></ul>