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<ol><li> 1. Talent SolutionsLinkedIn Recruiterfor Staffing AgenciesGet VIP access to theworlds best talentUnleash the full power of the worlds largest professional networkto engage the best passive talentGet unlimited access to names and Maintain your sourcing activityfull profiles The sourcing activity and history of a seat holder doesExpand your reach far beyond your personal networknot vanish when a recruiter leaves: just re-assign it toto search the widest, most qualified talent pool andanother team member. We also support your OFCCPget all details to better assess candidates.compliance efforts.Find the best, much fasterWhat You Get with RecruiterAce even the toughest searches with the mostadvanced search interface on LinkedIn, with See full names* and profiles beyond your 1st and 2ndexclusive refinement filters such as years atdegree networkcompany and more.Zero in faster on your ideal candidates with premiumsearch filtersContact candidates directly Contact anyone directly with 50 InMail** messagesGet 50 InMails per month per seat to contact any See up to 1000 profiles in search resultscandidate you like in a trusted environment. InMailsare credited back to you if unanswered within 7 days, Set up search alerts to find new candidatesand roll over month-to-month if unused. Think of this Manage candidates with project foldersas 50 replies per month.See your teams activities on shared projectsContact more candidates faster with 1 to many InMailsBoost your recruiting productivityand templatesUp to 50 search alerts let you spot new talentGet Premium customer service with dedicated supportautomatically. 1-to-Many InMails and savedand trainingtemplates let you contact more candidates faster.Retain data on historical team activityKeep your team on the same page Audit activity to support OFCCP complianceTeam members get visibility into their colleaguesLeverage Similar Profiles and People Also Viewedprojects, notes and communication history withfunctionalities to broaden your search poolcandidates, avoiding duplication of effort.* Recruiter offers complete access to all confirmed profiles in the LinkedIn database.** InMails have a response guarantee: if you dont get a response to your InMail message within 7 days, LinkedIn will return that InMail credit to your account. Unused InMail credits will roll over for 90 days. </li><li> 2. See names beyond your Track and organize allthird-degree networkof your projects, jobsPremium Search Filtersand searchesImport leads Add tags to trackand track Track the status of leads as they and find individuals lead sourcesmove through your pipeline with key attributesDirectly contact See full profilesone or multiple with careerindividuals at once history, education, and moreGain real insights withView the history ofcommon connections team activities andand similar profiles updatesBuild a Pipeline of TalentLinkedIn Recruiter gives you one place to manageyour pipeline of candidates and leads, as well as builddeeper relationships by tracking your contacts latestupdates. You can import a single contact, multiple Key Features for Pipeliningdocuments or a spreadsheet with a few simple clicks. Importcontacts from any source to keep themContacts are automatically connected to theircentralized in Recruiter.LinkedIn profiles, giving you deeper insights into each Connect leads to their LinkedIn profiles for freshindividuals most current professional information, data and new insights.shared connections, groups and recommendations. Use Tags to highlight key attributes, skills orEnrich &amp; personalize your contacts profiles with your experience.own knowledge using customizable tags to highlight Setreminders to send warm communicationskey attributes, skills or experience and to quickly find via InMail and email.them in the future. Search for leads by tags, notes,projects, or within team updates, and easily send Search within team updates, notes, and reviewsbulk messages to a group of contacts from search and send bulk InMails to a group of leads.results or within a project. Track lead status as it progresses through the pipeline.LinkedIn Recruiter helps keep your entire team View reports to manage pipeline health andengaged, giving them full visibility into all pipeline efficiency.activities and the ability to add notes, view andupdate lead status, and set reminders. And with Addcontact information into LinkedIn profiles.pipeline reporting, youll keep tabs on pipelinehealth and efficiency, track lead &amp; candidate statusto keep up with demand and identify bottlenecks. talent.linkedin.com | sales@linkedin.com Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. Copyright 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-113-G 0912</li></ol>