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    15 October 2015

    Issue No. 17

    Prime Ministers come and go, AFL premiers keep rolling on with some degree of monotony, we find ourselves at the mercy of the elements with the hottest ever start to October and bushfires already raging in Victoria. Life is fragile. Ask the people of St Johns Lutheran School, Portland, who this week have been struggling with the sudden and shock death of a young man connected with their school community. Life rolls on but is it passing us by? Have we made, or are we making a difference in our world, so that it may become a better place as a result of our efforts? The combination of completing my tax return last week and compiling Gospel Reflections for this week has been a challenging exercise. (In the gospel reading for this week, Jesus concludes with the observation that

    the rich man walked away sad.) There is a web site called GLOBAL RICH LIST - accessible via this hyperlink, or easily found by typing those words into Google. If we enter a modest annual income figure of say $50,000 (which is well below the average full time weekly wage in Australia) we may be surprised by the result it places us in the top 1% of the richest people in the world! We are enormously and bountifully blessed in this country. What are we doing with our wealth? As we in Lutheran schools shape our culture, including the way we serve those around us, we can do well to take a lesson from Ignatian Spirituality, which has as one of its four pillars, the focus on helping and supporting others or simply the pillar OTHER. This is beautifully illustrated in the legend of an aging Jesuit who was scheduled to address his congregation at worship, but was so seriously ill that he was unable to even get out of bed. He decided to send his sermon in on paper. He sent one word: OTHER. May we be challenged to look at ways and means of helping and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves as we strive to make a difference.

    Neville Grieger

    Assistant Director


    LEVNT Networks is distributed fortnightly

    Please ensure that ALL staff and school councillors receive this communication

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    Welcome to Term 4, the beginning of the end of the school year! We wish school communities every blessing during this often hectic time, where staff are not only frantically planning activities for the end of school year, but also starting to cast one eye to the beginning of the next. As we are now entering the period of valedictory and end of year services, the LEVNT staff will make a concerted effort to attend all services. Attending these important events is a terrific way to connect to school communities, reaffirming the service of the staff and celebrating the achievements of the school community. At present our staff are confirming dates for attendance at services so confirmation regarding attendance will be communicated to schools next week.

    Paul Weinert Director



    Round 6 We are about to roll out Round 6 of the Leadership Development Program (LDP6). We now invite aspiring leaders from all schools across LEVNT to register an expression of interest in participating in this two-year program. A full application and information package will be available to anyone who expresses an interest. Places are limited given that our region has been allocated eight (8) places for 2016. Applications will close on Monday, 02 November. Further generic information is also available from the LEA web site via the following link: LDP information In the first instance, interested persons are invited to express interest in participating in LDP6 to the LEVNT Regional LDP Manager, Assistant Director, Neville Grieger via email to neville.grieger@levnt.edu.au Note that this is not to be confused with the LEVNT Emerging Leaders program and the subsidised study modules available through that program, which will continue as another leadership pathway development option. There will be more information in the near future about the planned Emerging Leaders day on Friday, 20 November.

    Neville Grieger

    Assistant Director


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    Whats this global and national network of Lutheran schools?

    What is central to a Lutheran School?

    What does it mean to be a teacher in a Lutheran school?

    How can I contribute to the mission of the Lutheran school in which I work?

    What does a Lutheran understanding of vocation mean for the work of a teacher in a

    Lutheran school?

    Where have we been and where are we going?

    Please email confirmation of your attendance to: Liz Pietsch Education Officer liz.pietsch@levnt.edu.au Tel: 03 9236 1271

    Pathways: Vocational

    We look forward to welcoming you to the regional workshop for

    Pathways: Vocational

    Date: Friday, November 27, 2015

    Registration: 9.15 am

    Workshop: 9.30 am 3.30 pm

    Morning Tea and Lunch provided

    (please email Liz with any dietary requirements)

    Venue: Holy Cross Conference and Retreat Centre

    207 Serpells Road

    Templestowe Vic

    Facilitators: Neville Grieger, Assistant Director, LEVNT

    Liz Pietsch, Education Officer, LEVNT

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    Welcome back to term 4 how the school year flies by! A number of curriculum publications have been released over the term break which may (or may not, depending on which state or school you are in!) be of relevance to you.

    The Education Council has endorsed the F-10 Australian Curriculum (the revised curriculum for

    English, Maths, Science, Humanities/Social Sciences, Arts, Technologies & HPE), the Languages

    curriculum, and Work Studies curriculum (optional for year 9-10)

    The new Victorian Curriculum has been published on the VCAA website. It embeds the Australian

    Curriculum and will replace AusVELS (which will continue to be available until the end of 2016). An

    email detailing the major changes in the new Victorian Curriculum was sent out to principals and

    curriculum leaders before the holidays, but this summary is a good starting point:


    If any curriculum/school leader would like to have a conversation about these curriculum changes, please contact me if there is sufficient interest from a number of schools I can organise a teleconference to talk through particular changes, approaches to transitions or other issues.

    Network meetings in Term 4 At this point there is just one curriculum network meeting scheduled for this term the Central Hub Primary Curriculum Leaders will meet on Tuesday, 10 November at St Johns Lutheran Church, Southgate please let me know of any items to add to our agenda. This group also met last term and was treated to a presentation by Kylie Mitchell, eLearning Coordinator at The Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School. Kylie gave an overview of eLearning at GSLPS, gave food for thought about data storage and app/software evaluations at the school level, and shared her ICT steps to success. Im hoping I can soon share this presentation with other curriculum leaders in our Region. Thank you Kylie and Good Shepherd for your generosity in sharing your expertise!

    Yammer Once again Id like to encourage curriculum leaders in our Region to engage with our Yammer group: please post questions, interesting links or resources to enable collegial conversations and sharing across our community of Lutheran schools. Please contact me if you think you should be a part of this group and have not been invited.

    Riverina Innovation Expedition September 02-04 saw 20 teachers and leaders from Lutheran schools in the Riverina embark on an overland mission to be inspired, challenged and provoked (in a positive way) to think about innovation, cultural change and the nature of 21st century learning at two leading schools of innovation in Sydney. The driving force behind this trip was Sharon Kotzur, Principal of St Johns Lutheran School, Jindera, who booked the tour as a professional learning experience for her staff (almost all of whom were able to make it) and encouraged and included representatives from the other Lutheran schools in the Riverina Hub as well as myself as a LEVNT representative.

    The program designed by Sharon featured a Bootcamp Day at the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning at Northern Beaches Christian School and a half day program at Claremont College in Randwick. While discussions about 21st century learning can often be focussed heavily on technology and its implementation, the major theme of this tour was that the real innovation begins in the minds/mindsets of leaders and teachers innovation in school culture, and in the subsequent pedagogical choices of teachers in classrooms.