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This presentation with prepared for the Beacon Council of Miami to show other small businesses a real world example of how a local small business successfully leveraged their social media platforms to gain big clients like Google, Cadillac, Tom Cruise and Forever 21. You don't have to go crazy joining every new platform! Use the strategies we developed at Feverish Pops to build influence, build a brand, gain clients, report to our clients and above all share our story, connect and listen to our consumers and create a loyal following.


  • 1. How to Leverage Social Media@FeleciaHatcher Chief Popsicle and Author

2. +As a Marketing Manager I stole from the big boys 3. Chief Popsicles 4. The Returns Outside of Money 5. Time Commitment 6. Feverish on Twitter 4 years ago 7. So we CAME ALIVE on Social Media!We started to place a bigger emphasis on Social Media and joined more outlets that made sense for us and allowed us to keep our sanity :) 8. Feverish on Twitter now 9. Real time social media engagement with clients resulted in major accounts with millions of followers RTing our post. Helped with credibility, increased followers, and helped get more clients of similar caliber 10. By posting our social media handles all over our store, business cards, carts etc over just telling them to visit our website. This helped increase social media engagement, let customers guide the conversation with their experience as well as become brand champions for us. 11. Contest merging current events/sports rivalries and pop culture go a long way in engaging online participation with consumers and major corporations.This was at the last Presidential Debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton FL 12. A kickass social media campaign does not replace a horrible product. Perfect the product and social media should further amplfy your word of mouth from clients and customers 13. Social Media should be FUN! http://instagram.com/p/fIxTlNALtF/Fun engagement with MC Hammer from a conference I was recently at where MC Hammer was the keynote and I posted a video on instagram of a women dancing to his music before he hit the stage. With such small burst of engagement. (140 characters or less) Its much easier to get past the gatekeepers on social media and get the attention of CEOs, Key Decision Makers and McHammer :) 14. The Barriers are down in social media. Makes it easy to connect with anyone. Social Media Follows = Conversations = Clients 15. Aside from connecting with potential clients and customers. Social Media is a great way to connect with Journalist. We have received tons of press from connecting with journalist through various social media outlets. @HelpAReporter @SourceBottle Great way to connect with major journalist online 16. FollowEngage in the conversationWhen appropriate talk business, but always from the stand point of being of service to them, or connecting to someone who can. But above all create a Win-Win situation for everyone involved. 17. SOCIAL MEDIAGet Creative with your 18. and... Follow me@FeleciaHatcher