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PowerPoint PresentationThe Ultimate Mobile ExperiencePROBLEMSInsecureCost InefficientTime ConsumingInconvenientBank ReliantExpiration DependentEven now, the global payments industry is still in turmoil3404No Fees FoundSend, Request & Receive Funds InstantlyOUR RESOLVEPay Contactlessat any POSIts easy, its catchy, its magic!5BudgetingDaily, Weekly, MonthlyFunding OptionsMobile Top-UpLocal and World-WideOUR RESOLVE6Conveniently PlacedWithdraw at any ATMOUR RESOLVESafe Online Shopping7CAMPAIGNSWE CONSTANTLY GROWWE COMMUNICATEWE COMMUNICATEWE COMMUNICATEWE COMMUNICATECERTIFIED WITHLeuPay Wallets e-money issuing and financial operations are operated by Satabank PLCThe financial services are in compliance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Version 3.1.Card issuing is in compliance and partnership with both MasterCard and Visa.MARKET OPPORTUNITIESIn 2014, it was estimated that migrants living in Europe sent US$109.4 billion in remittances worldwide;Top Senders - the Russian Federation (US$20.6 billion), the United Kingdom (US$17.1 billion), Germany (US$14 billion), France (US$10.5 billion), Italy (US$10.4 billion) and Spain (US$9.6 billion);Bulgarias remittance equals to US$1.69 billion for 2014;The average amount saved by using LeuPay Wallets free money transfers equals to 5% on each transaction sent abroad;**source of information is IFAD 2014 Report*information excludes money going from high-income European countries to high-income countries;**source of information is IFAD 2014 ReportMARKET OPPORTUNITIESThank you for your time!You can reach out at: social@leupay.euOr find us on:


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