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Scrivere codice pulito che funzioni.Pur sembrando un'apparente contraddizione che si cela nelle difficoltà della programmazione,lo sviluppo guidato dai test risponde a questa sfida con un paradosso:scrivere test prima dell'implementazione. Lo sviluppo software guidato dai test è una pratica della metodologia Agile che elimina le paure nella scrittura di codice e porta gli sviluppatori ad incrementare drasticamente la qualità delle loro applicazioni. Durante il talk verrà mostrato come l'approccio alla pratica cambi il proprio modo di programmare,rendendolo più divertente,affidabile e proficuo.


  • 1. Andrea GiulianoDavid FunaroLets test!#code10 #letstest

2. Lets test!Come ho fatto fino ad ora a lavorare senza test?Non tornerei mai pi indietro! 3. Lets test!write code features I manually test allmy codes functionalities 4. Lets test!How (most) developerswrite code today 5. Lets test! my starting project 6. Lets test!CHANGESinternalexternal 7. Lets test!be honest... 8. Lets test!Contents... Im looking forward to waste my code 9. Lets test!Contents...What happens when something goes wrong 10. Lets test!Contents...Where can I putmy hands in? 11. Lets test!Contents...Ive got thesolution!one more patch 12. Lets test!I madeContents... some mistakesNO FEEDBACK 13. Lets test! ?? ???? ?Im hopeless 14. Lets test!Contents...I want to be proudof my code 15. Lets test!Contents... Automatic Test 16. Lets test! 17. Lets test!Why automatic tests?progressive input growthtests as documentation easier to alter code no fear feedbackunderstand HOW code workseasy to runconfidence in your codedont waste your timeworking software over comprehensive documentation 18. Lets test!How many kinds of test exists?Unit Functional Integration more... 19. Lets test!we want short feedback! 20. Lets test!1stress = # tests 21. Lets test!Ok, lets try!I want to write a test for my code 22. Lets test!Sounds good...Contents......but one day 23. Lets test!Contents...How can I test this? coupling dependencies 24. Lets test!I dont now so I DONT test 25. Lets test!Clean code that works cit. Ron Jeffries predictable way to develop learn all of the lessons that the code has to teach youimprove the lives of the users of your software let your teammates count on you, and you on themfeel good to write code 26. Lets test!How do we get to clean code that works? Many forces drive us away from clean code and even from clean code that works 27. Lets test!Test Driven DevelopmentTest-driven development is less and more writing testfirst...but TDD is about designTest-driven development is a way of managing fearduring programming 28. Lets test!our tasks feature #1feature #2feature #3 Red: write a little test that doesnt work Green: make the test work quickly Refactor: eliminate all the duplication created in merely getting the test to work 29. Lets test!write a test 30. Lets test!it fails! write a test 31. Lets test!it fails! write a testmake it works 32. Lets test!it fails! write a test awesomemake it works its green! 33. Lets test!it fails! write a test awesomemake it works its green!do refactor 34. Lets test!it fails! write a test awesomemake it works its green!do refactor 35. Lets test!what are the benefits?improve quality of your codebehaviours verification coverage functionalitytest as documentationcollaborative workinglong term maintainabilityvery short time feedback about bugs QA from reactive to proactive 36. Lets test!ok, its cool but my resources are limitedI want to be cheapI want to be fastI want to be good 37. Lets test! What about legacy code?Test new functionalitiesTest old functionalities starting from bugs 38. Lets test!DEMO 39. Lets test!Thanks! Questions?Andrea Giuliano David Funaro@bit_shark@ingdavidinoandreagiuliano.it davidfunaro.com