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We perform a live usability test with a participant chosen from the audience. Then we deconstruct the usability test to learn more about how to perform usability testing. Includes lots of links to people I know and respect in the field DevIowa Bootcamp and Venture School. Iowa City, IA. June 2014


  • 1. Lets Talk Usability Fitzgerald Steele, Jr. Director of Marketing Integrated DNA Technologies

2. @fjsteele 3. A little bit about me 1993 1996 1998 2000 2005 2008 2012 4. I speak many languages. 5. LETS DO SOME USABILITY 6. What makes a system usable? 7. What makes a system usable? Visible System Status System/Real World Alignment User Control and Freedom Consistency and standards Error Prevention Recognition over Recall Flexibility and Efficiency Aesthetic and Minimalist Design Help Users recognize, diagnose, recover from errors Help and Documentation http://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten- usability-heuristics/ 8. Getting Feedback Quantitative Qualitative Unmoderated Moderated 9. What did we just do? Select a representative user Ask the participant to perform a representative task Observe what the users do, where they succeed. (Shut up and listen!) http://www.nngroup.com/articles/usability- 101-introduction-to-usability/ 10. NOW ITS YOUR TURN 11. Partner with another person Ask them to perform a task If you have something youre building you want them to try, great! MegaBus: When is the cheapest time to ride to Chicago in the next 30 days Icgov.org: When will compost be available? Where can I get it Observe, take notes Complete Task? Y / N / With Help Time on Task Errors 12. SOHOW DID IT GO? 13. Whats the process? 5-10 users Task completion rates, confidence intervals Summarize, share, do something different 14. My Favorite Usability Peeps Jakob Nielson Nielson/Norman Group Jarod Spool User Interface Engineering Luke Wroblewski LukeW Jeff Gothelf Perception Is The Experience/Lean UX Jeff Sauro Measuring Usability 15. My Favorite Usability Toys Ethn.io Recruiting Loop11 Unmoderated Testing Optimal Workshop Unmoderated IA Verify Design Surveys & feedback Visual Website Optimizer AB/Multivariate Testing CrazyEgg - Heatmaps GoToMeeting Moderated Remote Testing Google Analytics Measure all the things, set goals, track revenue SurveyMonkey Post Usability Study Surveys, Single Usability Survey question 16. http://vimeo.com/92744606 17. Im totally interested in hearing your comments and questions! @fjsteele Github: fitzgeraldsteele http://fitzgeraldsteele.wordpress.com