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<ol><li> 1. 1 Lets Talk Cover Letters &amp; LinkedIn Presentation to Ottawa Ismaili Students Association April 1, 2015 </li><li> 2. 2 About Me Cyclist Public Service &amp; Development PolicyWonk Social Media Nerd Askerof Questions </li><li> 3. 3 Why use LinkedIn? 89% of businesses planned to use social media networks for recruitment (2011). 86% of these businesses use LinkedIn as their primary means for recruitment. 79% of hiring managers &amp; job recruiters review applicants online information. 65% of companies have successfully hired via social media. </li><li> 4. 4 Intro to LinkedIn 1.Create a profile 2.Connect with the right people 3.Join &amp; collaborate in groups 4.Endorse and be endorsed! 5.Storytelling - go beyond bullet points 6.Turn off your notifications! 6 Ways to Get Started on LinkedIn </li><li> 5. 5 5THINGS YOUR COVER LETTER NEEDS NOW </li><li> 6. 6 1. Storytelling In business, creating a compelling narrative is invaluable for motivating a team, explaining strategic priorities in a way thats easy for others to understand,orcommunicatingcomplexideastocustomersandprospects. Lonne Jaffe, chief executive of Syncsort </li><li> 7. 7 2. Value Proposition 1. Set a clear target 2. Identify your strengths 3. Tie your strengths to your target posi- tion 4. Provide evidence and success stories Creating a Personal Value PropositionBased on your values, beliefs, and your behavior how you exhibit your beliefs and demonstrate those strengths which make you stand out. This is the essence of your PVP, and it lies at the heart of why people want to work with you, trust you and build a strong, healthy rela- tionship with you. Andrew Cooke Growth &amp; Profit Solutions Bill Barnett Harvard Business Review </li><li> 8. 8 3. Sign Posting Your cover letter should be one page - thats not a lot of space! Take the opportunity to point your potential employer to spots on your resume for more information. </li><li> 9. 9 4. Appearance Your resume and cover letter are your personal advertisements - make them look as professional as possible! Your cover letter should have the exact same formatting as your resume There are plenty of places to find simple templates that can help you find a professional look that works for you </li><li> 10. 10 5. Technicalities Technicalities and format issues are there for a good reason - follow them! Your cover letter should be one page, and include: Left-justified text, your address, your potential employers address, and the date A first paragraph indicating the position youre applying for and how you heard about the posi- tion Your value proposition as related to the position A series of paragraphs that expand upon your value proposition, provide concrete examples of your work, and sign post to your resume An action statement that both intrigues the reader and explicitly asks them to contact you </li><li> 11. 11 ANY QUESTIONS? Wrapping up </li></ol>