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<ul><li> 1. [Lets Talk About It] By [Enoch Ajetunmobi, Daniel-Dylan Paul-Williams, Samson Olatomi, Tobi Daives and Bruno Lopez- Silva] [This is a template. Place all the text in the template before you submit. Add images, change colours and create an inspiring presentation. Dont just fill in this template!] </li></ul> <p> 2. [ Who ?: Students, aged 14-16. What ?: Debate app enhancing students debating skills and also making sure that people do not get charged any more than they need to. When ?: At any given time you want to look at the app for information. Where ?: In any technical store or shop. Why ?: Because a shopping assistant will do their best to sell you the most expensive thing they can sell to you. ] 3. [You do not know what game to buy, and you buy an overpriced game&amp; Debating skills are not good enough to have a responsible argument with someone. ] 4. [How can you avoid getting over ? Or how can you avoid losing in a debate?] 5. [Your in a game store, youre looking to buy a good game. You ask the shopping assistant for some advice on buying a good game. They show you the most expensive game in the shop. Pressure from the shopping assistant makes you buy the game. OR You are in a debate/argument with someone. You have not got any experience or practice with the skills with debating with someone. ] 6. [Mini Elevator Pitch] Our team, [The Lets Talk About It team], is developing [a mobile app] to help [teenagers and older] [to have an a boost in their debating skills and also not pressurised to buy an over priced game or technical device] [to have an advantage in debates] 7. [Tom: The Lets Talk About It app is one of the best apps I have ever used in my entire life. The features in this app are extraordinary, it is a very helpful app as I did not know what was the most value for money, but with this app it showed me what other people think was good so I decided to follow them and I think it was a good decision. Jack: I think Ive made the best decision of my life, by downloading the app called Lets Talk About It. Its a debate app that helps you decide what to buy when you are in a technological store. There are also administrators in the app 8. [On Googles play there is an app called Debate it and we found this very similar to our app but we believe ours actually help others increase their vocabulary skills when debating and discourage using abusive language when trying to get a point across. We also think our app gets opinions across to others on what to buy and feed back on what they decide to buy.] 9. [Our apps core feature is to be able to enhance and better the users debating skills, that they will use in the outside world. We think that this is a good feature because we have come to understand that many young people cannot have a civilised argument with another person without using foul language or it turning into a fight. The Lets Talk About It team decided that we should have an impact on the community using the Lets Talk About It app. ] 10. [Flow of app &amp; user feedback integrated] 11. [Key wireframes 1/3] 12. [Key wireframes 2/3] 13. The data that our app will use is going to be quite a lot, because of all the features that are included will take up some amount of space and also Facebook and Twitter integration is also in the app so that will also take some space. 14. [Our customer pledge is: 1. Our passion to serve- Our customers our ] 15. [We will advertise are app over social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook and broadcasting it among are friends and telling them to help share the app, also we can make a YouTube video showing exactly what the app those ] 16. App Design Mock-up [Wildcard] [Anything else you want to share?] This app will feature a spam blocker, swear blocker and serve Safety for all users against bullying, abuse. This app will also positively encourage standard English and debating skills </p>