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Diving Deep for Synonyms and Antonyms

Diving Deep for Synonyms and AntonymsCreated byTEACHERS UNLEASHEDWelcome!My name is Wendy, andthese are my divingmates, Pat and Diana.Together we will discover the beauty of the ocean, and describe what we find with synonyms andantonyms. Before we can dive inyou need to understand what synonyms and antonyms are!Lets take a closer look.A Closer Look.For example:take the word happySynonymscontent pleasedjoyfulgladcheerful

Antonymssad miserablegloomyunhappydepressed

Okay.Practice Time!On your whiteboard or piece of paper, make a T-chart, and decide which words are synonyms and which are antonyms.When youve finishedCheck your work!Synonyms will turn red, andantonyms will turn yellow!This is what it should look like!







punyLets get to it!The jellyfish are very graceful andbeautiful.gorgeous

stunningattractivelovelyuglyhideousrevoltinghorribleStingrays can be extremelydangerous.unsaferiskytreacheroushazardousharmlesssecuresafeprotected

It is important that scuba divers aresmart.sharpfoolishunwisebrainlessintelligentclever

brightMany dolphins swim up to boats because they arefriendly.graciouswelcomingsociablepleasantnastymeanrudeoffensive

Buried treasure hidden by pirates ismysterious.puzzlingmystifyingoddstrangefamiliaridentifiablecommonrecognizable

Crabs are very cautious of their surroundings and move slowly.speedilyunhurriedlylethargicallysluggishlyquicklyswiftly

When fish find new places, they become verycurious.unconcernedinquisitivenosyinterestedbored

When sea turtles are swimming they looksilly.seriousabsurdridiculousgoofysensiblelevelheaded

When sharks are hunting for prey, they can seemscary.nicechillingterrifyingfrighteningkindpleasant

Seahorses can hold on to seaweed because their tails arestrong.scrawnypowerfulsturdytoughweakfrail

Youre doing great!Now lets see if you can handle some test questions!!

Pat and Diana reached the giant coral reef, and searched for fish.

What is an antonym for the underlined word?


A beautiful manta ray gave Wendy a smooth ride through the ocean.

What is an synonym for the underlined word?


While diving deep, Wendy observed a cute, chubby seal just swimming by.

What is an antonym for the underlined word?


When Wendy got on the boat, an eight-legged friend came with her.

What is an synonym for the underlined word?


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