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A hands on workshop at ISTE 2012. See http://www.k12opened.com/iste2012 for more info and links.


<ul><li> 1. Welcome to Lets Remix!Choose a project youd like to work on and sit inthat approximate part of the room.A-B-C book World Geography(early learning) (upper elementary)Great Moments in STEM CareersAmerican History (middle/high school)(middle school)</li></ul> <p> 2. AgendaIntroductions and welcome to our virtualparticipantsOverview of open educational resources andremixingChoose a lesson or topic to remixRemix, play, ask questions, have funwww.k12opened.com/iste2012 3. Credit: j nygren 4. Credit: Gideon Burton 5. Traditionalcopyright - Public domain - all rightsunrestricted reserved useCopyright withopen licenses - some rights reserved 6. Attribution (BY) Non-commercial (NC) No derivatives (ND) Copyleft - Share-Alike (SA)CRecommended for education:CC BY 7. Citing SourcesALWAYS cite sources; attribution required byCCCan be under the image or at the end in creditsScreen names are ok(optional) Include source URL 8. Where to find the best open contenthttp://content.k12opened.comMultimedia tab will be particularly relevant for today. 9. Best CC Photo Sites WikipediaWikimedia CommonsFlickr(advanced search for CC) 10. Collaborative Remix ProjectsGo to www.k12opened.com/iste2012Go to PROJECTS, find the page for yourproject, and follow the instructionsMake sure the content you include is openlicensedInsert image and/or textInclude credit and source web site 11. Get to work!Group check-in at 1:05Have fun! 12. ConclusionFinal ebook creationQuestions, comments, and sharing ofexperiences and resourcesThank you for coming! 13. Thank you.Karen Fasimpaurkaren@k12opened.comFirst screen image credits:Linux computer lab Michael SurranLinux penguin - Larry Ewing with the GIMPBooks - TizzieGlobe NASACloud background - Anca Mosoiu</p>