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  • Whats the number one business issue identified by casino operators?

    Attracting new, qualified prospects to their properties and keeping them interested.

    Introducing... PLAY THE FIELD.Play the Field is a customizable business solution presented as an engaging smartphone game. It helps attract qualified prospects to casino properties and convert them to loyal players using an augmented reality treasure hunt model which can be linked to your casinos player loyalty program.

    Smart casino operators understand that Millennials are only part of the answer.

    Not everyone is a prospective casino player. You cant convince someone who doesnt enjoy games to play.

    Understanding the psychographic profile of the player allows you to uncover qualified prospects from a variety of generations.

    HIGHLIGHTS: Built-in share-ability makes it easy to post progress to social media. Leverages the popularity of progressive explore & discover games using augmented reality. Attractive to a social, experience-seeking, tech-savvy audience with high potential to become casino players. Created by a team with expertise in gaming operations, player insights, marketing, and technology.

    For more information, contact:

    Kara Holm: kara@all-inadvisorygroup.com or Helen MacMillan: helen@all-inadvisorygroup.com