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  • 2Letter from the Editors

    Hel lo Dears!

    Wheeeee!!! Welcome!! Thank you for joining us on our inaugural publication. Together we discover, create, and style fun and inspiring moments al l the time, now youre invited to join us. The pages of our magazine are f il led with beautiful ly appointed rooms, fashion for fal l, people who inspire us, and a cocktail recipe (you can never have too many of those! *recipes that is). Wel l give you an easy DIY project and tips to create a lovely party set-up. Lets P lay, Dear is an opportunity to share our loves and play dates with al l of you. So... are you ready to play?



    &Izzy Hudgins PhotographyFrench Knot Studios

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    Lets Make something

    Flower Crowns



    Beer Sweet Beer

    tara kirkland & Custard Boutique



    Audrey Loves...

    Izzy Loves...



    Sequins, Handbags, Knits, oh my!32

    From + function = perfection54

    Dear Paper

    Dear Flowers



    Home, Dear Home14

    Play setting26

    Lets Party, Drink & Eat

    Little Dears





    Lets Make something20

    Explore the home and office of Rethink Design Studios.

    Fall fashion must haves from our favorite Savannah boutiques.

    An interview with a lovely and talented entrepreneur with great style and an expanding business.

    Savannahs newest watering hole has a new take on to go.

    Fall Fashion

    Sequins, Handbags, Knits, oh my!


  • 4Audrey Loves...

    1 - Fine art is always welcome, like Marsh Study an original oil painting by Irene Mayo - Reynolds Square Fine Art Gallery // 2 - Bunny Ring triptych from Custard Boutique // 3 - This vibrant Erilli Natilia necklace is made with heat molded leather over wooden beads, and I love anything with a bow - Extant Fair // 4 - Beaded Clutch - Gaucho //





  • audrey loves...





    95 - Vintage Velvet Ribbon dresses up any outfit, package or project. Available in lots of colors at The Paris Market // 6 - Maison de Macarons, of course // 7 - Antipast makes the softest orchid hand knitted seamed silk stockings - Extant Fair // 8 - Free honey tastings are available at Savannah Bee Company. Choosing a favorite is the hard part. // 9 - What gal doesnt love Pretty Polaroid Notes to send to friends? - Dick Blick

  • 6Izzy Loves...





    1 - Always a sucker for a vintage loafer like this pair from Extant Fair // 2 - Betrothal locks are terribly romantic and reminiscent of my life in Europe. - 24 E. // 3 - A collection of pretty paper tape to use, well, anywhere! - Dick Blick // 4 - Dreamer Owl Clutch or Make-Up Bag from Madame Chrysanthemum //

  • Izzy loves...





    85 - Hold your business cards in style with this holder from Satchel. Bonus if it matches your branding! // 6 - Big, funky, or unexpected necklaces add interest to any outfit - Gaucho // 7 - Wood Grain Sunnies, yes, please!! - Extant Fair // 8 - Breakfast of a Kolache and Cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Fox Yum! //

  • 8Dear Paper

    clockwise from top left: Road Trip Table Topics To Go // Sugar Paper anniversary card // Mor Soap Bar in basil grape // Rifle Paper Co. blank card set // Le Pen in burgundy, periwinkle, & orange // jumbo paper clip // owl match box

    all available at La Paperie

  • Dear Flowers


    Flowers dont always have to go in vases. Hardy blossoms like roses and mums are just fine hanging out sans water for several hours. Make sure you give them plenty to drink before arranging, and keep them out of the sun and heat for the longest lasting results.

    peony garden roses from fiftyflowers.com

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  • Lets go


    Savannahs Beer Growler is quickly

    becoming one of our favorite places.

    They sell the 32 oz. and 64 oz. Growler

    bottles for $4.99 each, and you have

    your choice of 40 taps pouring craft

    beers, ciders, and sodas. All the

    beverages are priced separately, you

    simply pick what you want, they fill

    your bottle, seal it, and send you on

    your way. If you cant decide what

    you would like to take home, they

    have the cutest little taster glasses.

    Try it for yourself at the corner of

    Drayton and Liberty Streets.

  • GrowlerCoozie+


    Lets go


  • Lets go


  • 14

    Home, Dear Home

    Each issue, we hope to share an actual

    home with our readers that stands out

    for its great design, meticulous renovation,

    or just because we love it!

    Our first home belongs to Tim Burt, the

    owner of a fabulous decor boutique in

    Savannahs Downtown Design District.

    d.luxe has unique pieces from all over the

    world to add to your home. He invited

    us into his newly renovated historic

    apartment where we were greeted with

    the original heart pine floors, eclectic

    accessories, and a velvety Sphinx named

    Lord Horace.

    An oversized Carrera marble island

    provides an ideal gathering space in the

    open kitchen and living room. Historic

    windows open onto the outdoor terrace,

    and vintage books abound.

  • audrey loves...


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    Home, Dear Home

  • Home, Dear Home


  • 18

    Home, Dear Home

  • Home, Dear Home


    Everything was beautifully curated. Every piece had character

    and history. Tim also offers design services to share his expertise

    for your home or next event.

    d.luxe is located at 413 Whitaker Street, Savannah, Georgia.

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    Dear Project


    Hearty Flowers



    Wire Cutters

    Floral Tape



    peony garden roses from fiftyflowers.com

  • Bend wire and twist together to fit your head. Wrap floral tape around stem and wire.

    Continue adding flowers to reach desired fullness. Add in feathers as needed.

  • yTara KirklandCustard BoutiqueWe took a few moments to sit down with Tara Kirkland, the owner of one of our favorite clothing boutiques in Savannah, Georgia, Custard. Then she let us play with her clothes in our editorial shoot.

    We love these

    wrap watches!!

    22page #B

  • Lets Play, tara


    What sort of services or product does your business offer? We offer womens clothing, eco-friendly, and fashion forward, unique with a great backstory, as well as shoes and accessories. Many of our accessories are made domestically from California to Texas, and locally.

    What is your favorite part about Custard? Dressing women and styling!

    What are your top 3 favorite things to do in your free time? eat, shop, and kayak

    Whats in your purse/toolbox that you couldnt live without? my wallet.. for obvious reasons

  • The Phoenix ring by Alkamie is hand cast in California by a husband and wife team. Made from recycled materials, this ring (and the others by them) are eco-friendly! The Phoenix wings spread across your hand in an elegant way, but can also be worn on one of our ADA belts as a faux belt buckle.


    The puzzle pieces are an updated version of the widely known friendship necklaces. Made from brass by Monserat de Lucca, the necklaces fit perfectly together reading Me on one, and You on the other. Perfect for best friends, sisters, significant others, etc. They make great gifts!

    Tara carefully curates every item in Custard Boutique. Most of them have an

    amazing backstory. Everything at Custard has purpose. That said we couldnt

    help but get the story behind two of our favorite jewelry pieces..

  • What do you most fear and/or dislike? in a perfect world when I wouldnt have to worry about real world issues such as starving children and tainted water... I would say- spilling something on my all white blouse at an event when I can not change... haha

    What living person do you most admire? deep question- someone fearless! I love people who are able to be themselves

    Whats your spirit animal and why? my dog Manchester- for further explanation, you will just have to meet him

    Greatest achievement... this store!!!

    How do you find inspiration? everything around me... magazines, blogs, other people, music, movies... you name it. I am always taking in everything I see, eat and do!

    What brought you about doing what you do? How/why did you start your business? I have always loved helping women look and feel as beautiful as I think they are. I love being able to help someone make simple changes that go a long way, and that is truly the reason I got started in the industry... (i.e. I love make-overs....) I was a buyer for an indie store in the town where I am from, and I used that experience and my personal eye to build a business for myself here in the lovely Savannah.

    What is your greatest extravagance? shoes

  • play setting

    Start with the perfect utensils like these mint, powder coated, vintage ones from Rethink.

    Spray paint a hearty leaf, like a magnolia, and dip the tip in glitter for the place cards. Add

    some cozy ve