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LET'S PLAY!. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. 1000. 1000. 1000. 1000. 1000. 1000. What is Biology?. The study of Life!. What is a biosphere?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1What is population.A group of living organisms of the same species living in the same place.5Compare abiotic with biotic and give an example of each.Abiotic- nonliving components of an ecosystemWater, rocks, air, sun, wind etcBiotic- living components of an ecosystem (or something derived from something living)Fish, trees, poop, milk, animals etc6What are the 5 main characteristics of Life? Describe each.Cellular organization- all living things have cellsMetabolism- all use energyReproductionHomeostasis- keeping body stableHeredity- DNA

7What is a biosphere?Thin layer of land, air, and water that is home to all living things on Earth!4What does a triple beam balance do?It measures the mass of objects8Why do you use test tube tongs??Test tube tongs allow you to transfer hot test tubes without burning your hands!9CutterWhat is the name of the tool we use to cut a plant tissue10Ok you find jar sitting on a counter with no label and no lid. What should you do?Daily DoubleTell your teacher immediately! She/he will deal with the solution.11How do you measure the amount of liquid in a graduated cylinder?You read the bottom of the meniscus to give you the amount of liquid.12Energy producersMitochondria13What is Life?Lab EquipmentCellsSafetyGeneticsScientific Inquiry1003005001000200100200300500100010020030050010001000100010001001001002002002003003003005005005002Protein FactoryRibosome15Center of vital activitiesNucleus 16Golgi BodyStores Glycoprotein17What is the very last and most important thing you should do before leaving the lab?WASH YOUR HANDS!22How many chromosomes are there in human arm cell4627Inquiry cycle includes 4 steps what are them?What do you think?Why do you think that?How could you find out?Do you still think that now?

32When do you wear your goggles? ALL the time! During every lab!Until you are done completely!18Who is the father of geneticsMendel23Scientific inquiry that involves students to do everything

Open Inquiry 28Your lab partner catches on fire, what should you do?You should immediately tell the teacher, then go and get the fire blanket.Daily Double!19The stronger genetic character is calledDominantDaily Double24What is the kind of inquiry that teacher is doing everything?Demo ____ 29What should you always wear when working in the lab? Your lab coat

20If an individual have 2 identical characters it is called (2 names)Homozygous - pure25True or false ?Individual differences are learning styles only.No also cognitive differences .. Etc..30How do you mix acid and water?You always pour acid into water!21What do you use to test for starch ?Iodine26Authentic science is classroom science do you agreeNo inquiry activity is authentic science. BONUS31