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Share tips for different networking styles.


<ul><li> 1. 5 February 2014 Lets Network! 1 </li> <li> 2. Name Variations by Janice Endnote by Melissa Open Access &amp; DR-NTU by Yali Predatory Publishers By Sam Library : 10 min speaking slot Developing Your Strategy for Successful Scientific Publishing by RSO Participating in Open Access by UL Digital Projects by Dianne E-text books by Chay Tuan </li> <li> 3. Network after the talks 5 </li> <li> 4. OBJECTIVES Engage users more effectively through the subject librarian system Learn how your own networking styles helps or prevents you from networking Provide tips &amp; pointers to take the first step to network with users and avoid overwhelming them 6 </li> <li> 5. LEARNING OUTCOMES Explain the characteristics of your own networking styles Describe the general traits of your dominant networking styles when networking List practical tips for others to network with a person of your networking styles Utilize the knowledge acquired at Academic Publishing 2014 &amp; other Library events 7 </li> <li> 6. Personal Selling Marketing Excellent Service Knowing each faculty personally Conversation: Phone, Face to Face Personal Communication Librarian to User One to One Subject Librarians Raising Awareness: Posters Creating an Experience: Events Have a conversation: Social media Mass Communication Library to a Group One to Many LPD </li> <li> 7. PERSONAL SELLING Netherlands: Witty website lands unemployed designer a job Before After Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-25574651 </li> <li> 8. WHY NETWORK? Social Capital refers to the collective value of all "social networks" [who people know] and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other ["norms of reciprocity"] Robert D. Putnam Harvard University Source: http://www.bettertogether.org/socialcapital.htm </li> <li> 9. WHY NETWORK? Build social capital through maintaining a network of social ties Benefits: Trust, support, reciprocity and cooperation Understand our users environment and needs better Source: Social Networks &amp; Social Capital by Dr Giorgos Cheliotis, Communications and New Media, NUS </li> <li> 10. Remember this? 12 </li> <li> 11. IVAN MISNER Founder &amp; Chairman of Business Networking Institute (BNI) Author of 15 books on networking The Father of Modern Networking - CNN Networking Guru Entrepreneur magazine Bestselling Author The New York Times 13 </li> <li> 12. 14 </li> <li> 13. Your networking style IS affecting your Referability !! 15 </li> <li> 14. NETWORKING STYLES Task-Oriented Fast-Paced Slow-Paced 16 People-Oriented </li> <li> 15. NETWORKING STYLES AMONGST NTU LIBRARIANS 13% 10% 16% Go Getter Promoter Nurturer Examiner 61% 17 </li> <li> 16. WHY NETWORKING STYLES? We are all wired differently!! 18 </li> <li> 17. Go-Getter Fast-paced, Task-oriented Driven &amp; decisive Bold &amp; direct Has a get it done now attitude Strong desire to win &amp; lead 19 </li> <li> 18. Promoter Fast-paced, People-oriented Energetic &amp; outgoing Fun-loving &amp; Talkative Loves to be center of attention 20 Dislikes details </li> <li> 19. Examiner Slow-paced, Task-oriented Thorough &amp; research-oriented Avoids risks Enjoys strategies &amp; processes May take a long time to develop trust 21 </li> <li> 20. Nurturer Slow-paced, People-oriented Patient &amp; helpful Understanding &amp; sentimental Have a difficult time saying no Are focused on helping others 22 </li> <li> 21. Fast-Paced Task-Oriented People-Oriented Go-Getter Promoter Driven &amp; decisive Energetic &amp; outgoing Bold &amp; direct Fun-loving &amp; Talkative Has a get it done now attitude Loves to be center of attention Strong desire to win &amp; lead Examiner Dislikes details Nurturer Slow-paced, People-oriented Avoids risks Enjoys strategies &amp; processes Understanding &amp; sentimental May take a long time to develop Slow-Paced Thorough &amp; research-oriented Have a difficult time saying no trust 23 Patient &amp; helpful Are focused on helping others </li> <li> 22. 24 </li> <li> 23. GROUP ACTIVITY Get into your groups according to your networking styles and come up with: 5 practical tips for networking and Present those tips!! Group Facilitators Room Go-Getters Examiners Nurturers Promoters Catherine Frank Soma &amp; Joan Hedren Ranganathan Dewey Alexandria Dewey 25 </li> <li> 24. 26 </li> <li> 25. KEEP CALM AND PRESENT 27 </li> <li> 26. Areas of Improvement for Go-Getters Others Networking Style Go-Getter Your Networking Personality Go-Getter Promoter Examiner Allow them to talk about themselves more Ask them about their achievements dont declare yours first Dont try to outdo them Start off by chatting about informal matters Stay very positive no matter what you are talking about! Keep your energy high, positive &amp; lighthearted! Make sure not to rush the conversation Ask them a lot of questions about their work and stick to them You can ask them what they are looking to accomplish at the event Nurturer Be patient with them! Do not rush your conversation. Ask them questions about their work as well as personal life Use phrases such as It would be really nice to spend some more time with you to learn more. </li> <li> 27. Areas of Improvement for Promoters Others Networking Style Promoter Your Networking Personality Go-Getter Be extremely focused in your conversation Get directly down to business Keep your sentences or stories short Promoter Examiner Allow the other Promoter to have the spotlight in the conversation. Be the listener this time! Be your fun and energetic self, yet definitely ask them a few questions about their work Ask the other Promoter questions about their goals Be willing to ask lots of questions about them. They will give short answers. And be comfortable with it Keep you conversation mainly focused on work When they begin explaining things in detail keep listening! Paying attention will show your interest in them Nurturer Avoid being too excited when first meeting them Allow them to speak more than you while in conversation Keep a strong yet sincere from of eye contact with them </li> <li> 28. Areas of Improvement for Examiners Others Networking Style Examiner Your Networking Personality Go-Getter Be willing to introduce yourself first to them, as examiners tend to wait for other to introduce themselves Keep the conversation focused on them and their work When speaking with them, speed up your pace of speech. If not GoGetters can get bored with conversations easily Promoter Examiner Nurturer Energy and a big smile are key! Ask them many questions about themselves and be okay with them talking for a while Keep all conversation very positive, upbeat and light. Dont be too intense right at the beginning Encourage each other share more personal information Watch out for how opinionated you are on a subject when first meeting someone. It may not be the appropriate place to offer those opinions initially Look at meeting more often at the start of a new relationship to move the process forward faster.. Be willing to talk about more personal items Try lengthening your sentences to sound more conversational Share with them more about yourself. This allows to get to know you better. </li> <li> 29. Areas of Improvement for Nurturers Others Networking Style Nurturer Your Networking Personality Go-Getter Promoter Examiner Nurturer Dress to impress. Go-Getters are attracted to success ad they look at the way someone looks While in conversation with them ask them very direct questions they are okay with it! Find out why they are at the event and see if you can help them gain the results they are looking for. Smile a lot! Promoters are attracted to positives, happy people! :D Maybe talk a bit more with your hands and be a bit animated only if that works for you. Be sincerely interested in them and share how you think you might be able to help them Have a more structured conversation with an Examiner. It will make them feel incredibly comfortable! Do keep your conversation focused on work (dont get personal) Ask direct questions Nurturers may spend a great deal of time chatting about personal items. Once you have the connection, ask them permission to talk about work Mannerisms such as pace, hand gestures and tonality will be very comfortable between the two of you. So no need to change or do anything differently. </li> <li> 30. THINGS TO HAVE BEFORE NETWORKING Dress Code: Smart Casual 32 </li> <li> 31. CONVERSATION STARTERS 33 </li> <li> 32. DURING CONVERSATION Maintain eye contact with the audience when speaking to them Check pronunciation of difficult to pronounce words beforehand, especially speakers name Try to minimise gesturing when talking Give your name cards If they have no name cards, take down their names, school and email address on notebooks Introduce them to their respective subject librarians 34 </li> <li> 33. Academic Publishing POST NETWORKING How to Follow Up After Meeting Someone in Person Send an email within 24 hours Invite them for next talk Introduce them to their subject librarian (cc them) if they do not already know who their subject librarian is </li> <li> 34. Dear XXX Dear XXX It was great meeting with you and talking about your research area(s).. It was great meeting with you and talking about your research area(s).. Your personal subject librarian is XXX (xxx@ntu.edu.sg). Please feel free to approach him/her for assistance and support in Please feel Your personal subject librarian is XXX (xxx@ntu.edu.sg). your work. free to approach him/her for assistance and support in your work. Join us for the next talk [Date/Time/Registration link]/Keep up-todate with library events [Date/Time/Registration link]/Keep up-toJoin us for the next talkat http://blogs.ntu.edu.sg/library/happenings/. date with library events at http://blogs.ntu.edu.sg/library/happenings/. Keep in touch! Keep in touch! XXX XXX </li> <li> 35. Its not called netSIT or netEAT, its called netWORK, and in order to have a successful networking event, you need to work the network. Ivan Misner Founder and CEO of Business Network International (BNI) 37 </li> <li> 36. SURVEYAcademic Publishing FOR LIBRARIANS 1. How confident are you in networking with our users? 2 1 3 Not Confident At All 4 5 Very Confident 2. How many participants did you speak to? 1-3 4-6 7 3. Were there any follow up actions taken? Yes, I followed up with ____ participants. No </li> <li> 37. Date Time Venue Publisher 3 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 5 5 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 5 Taylor &amp; Francis Business Monitor Int 10 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 5 Springer 12 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 24 IOP Publishing 13 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 24 JOVE 18 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 24 LexisNexis 26 Mar 27 Mar 12.00 1.30 LT 24 12.00 1.30 LT24 World Scientific Library/RSO Library Topics / Speakers Slot 3 (Usher &amp; network) Slot 4 (Usher &amp; network) Endnote by Melissa (HSSL) (CMIL) Linking Academic Rigour with Industry Relevance by Akbar (BUSL) (ENGL) Name Variations by Janice OA &amp; DR-NTU by Yali Digital Projects by Dianne Predatory Publishers by Sam E-text books by Chay Tuan (SCNL) (ENGL) (SCNL) (ENGL) (SCNL) (ADML) (HSSL) (BUSL) (HSSL) (ENGL) All All Participating in OA by UL Slot 1 Slot 2 (Emcee &amp; (Do survey network) &amp; network) Debra All </li> <li> 38. THANK YOU </li> </ul>