let's listen to a song. unit 1 friendship period 1 listening and speaking

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  • Let's listen to a song

  • Unit 1 Friendship Period 1Listening and Speaking

  • I Lead in

  • What qualities () should a good friend have?bravehonestresponsiblegeneroushumoroushelpfulpatientkindhearteddiligentopen-minded considerateselfless

  • My best friendMy best friend is called Li Zhen and she comes from Lanzhou.We were classmates in university. She is now studying for her master's degree in UK. She is really easy-going and optmistic in life. We had a great time learning and having fun together.

  • upset ignore calm down have got to be concerned about walk the dog looseto become quiet after nervous activityto be worried aboutunhappy and worriedto take no notice of have to dofree, not tied upto take a dog for a walk

    Warming Up Match the word or expression with its meaning.

  • Do the survey on P1 by yourself. Then add up your score and see how many points you get. II Warming Up

  • 4-7points: You are not a good friend. You either ignore your friends needs or just do what he/she wants you to do. You should think about what a good friend needs to do. Think more about this.Warming Up

  • 8-12 points: You are a good friend but you sometimes let your friendship become too important, or you fail to show enough concern for your friends needs and feelings. Try to strike a balance between your friends needs and your own responsibilities.Warming Up

  • 13+ points: You are an excellent friend who recognizes that to be a good friend you need to balance your needs and those of your friends. Well done!Warming Up

  • Some proverbs about friendship A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship is like wine, the older, the better. A life without a friend is a life without a sun.

  • Friends are helpful.Friends are good companies. Friends can share my happiness, worries and secrets.Why do you need friends?Pre-reading

  • Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend?A boy & his dog

  • CJ 7Totoro

  • The Condor HeroesThe Jade Hare

  • Reading Annes Best Friend

  • Do you know this girl?

  • Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was a German-Jewish teenager at that time.Anne

  • 1944 discovered and killed the next year

  • Her diary was published after the war.

  • Background: World War II

    Jews being rounded up by Nazi soldiers and forced to leave home.

  • Polish Jews on their way to a Nazi death campJews in a concentration camp

  • The HolocaustA mass graveThe remains of Jews Victims of the gaschambers

  • 2. Now observe the text carefully to find out:how many parts it containswhat the different parts are aboutIt contains two parts. One part is one page of Annes diary, the other one is the background knowledge about Anne and her diary.Pre-reading

  • Fast reading1. Read the first part of the reading section and answer these questions:Who was Annes best friend?

    When did the story happen?

    Her diaryKitty.During World War II.Skimming

  • 2. Fill in the form below:Netherlands Anne Frank her diary--Kitty over two yearsFast readingScanningJuly 1942

    The place of the storyThe heroinesfull nameHer best friendThe length of time her family hid awayThe time they started to hide

  • Anne kept a diary becauseShe felt very lonely becauseThey had to hide becauseAnne named her diary Kitty becauseShe couldnt meet her friends.Jews were caught by Nazis and killed by them.She could tell everything to it.she thought it was her best friend.

  • Fast reading4. Read the diary quickly to find out the main idea of the diary.Anne expressed _______________________after hiding for a long time.

    ______________________kept Anne spellbound.Skimmingher feelings about natureEverything about nature

  • III Careful reading1. Read the diary carefully and fill in the table.blue sky, songs of birds, moonlight, flowers never felt spellbounddarkness, rain, wind, thundering cloudsfelt crazy

    Time Nature Feeling Before hidingAfter hiding

  • Careful readingeagerexcitedanxioussadlonelyearnestcrazycalm


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