lets learn the important elements of each story. لنتعلم عناصر القصة الرئيسية...

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  • Lets learn the important elements of each story .

    The storyName of the story People in the story The place The time

  • Here we have a short story try to read it carefully and do the following questions.

    Sam and Ann are brother and sister .They live in a very big ,nice house with a big farm.Their father is a farmer .They have different animals in the farm . Sam likes horses, cows and cats.Ann likes birds, goats and hens.

  • Complete the sentences: ______The place:__________People of the story:______ _______ ________ Sam and Ann are:________ and_______ Sam likes:_______ _______ _______Ann likes: ______ ________ ________The father is a ________

  • Fill in the missing letter

    1-C_w 2- go__t 3- hor__e 4-he__

    5-giraf__e 6- don__ey 7- bir__

  • Write sentences to the pictures on in .



  • 3-_____________________.

    4- _____________________.

  • Complete the chart :who is farm animal , and who is zoo animal.

    Goat- cow-elephant-monkey-giraffe-dog-duck-cat-gorilla-horse-mouse-snake.