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<p>LETS LEARN ABOUT EUROPE</p> <p>LETS LEARN ABOUT EUROPE</p> <p>On Thursday March 31, an informative seminar took place in our school, regarding the Structure, organizations and policies of the European Parliament</p> <p>The aim of the seminar was to further inform and increase awareness among students and teachers about active citizenship and values of European parliamentary democracy</p> <p>Keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Haris Kountouros</p> <p>Assistant Office Manager, Head of Public Relations, Communication and Networks of the European Parliament Information Office in Greece</p> <p>After the opening speech, made by schools headmaster Mr. Dimopoulos Paraskevas </p> <p>there were the introductory presentations of the two Erasmus+ projects held in our school this year</p> <p>Ms. Koundouraki Eftyhia and Ms. Pantazelou Eleni, contact persons of the two projects, </p> <p>presented the rational and the aims of our work as well as the activities completed by that time</p> <p>During his speech, Mr. Kountouros presented the structure of the European Parliament, its institutional role in the European Union and its priorities</p> <p>The audience was encouraged to ask questions so afterwards there was an interesting discussion mainly about Greeces role in the European Union as well as in the criticism leveled at EUs policies </p> <p>The educational activity attended about 100 students as well as many teachers and headmasters of schools of our region. Printed material regarding the European parliament as well as leaflets of the two Erasmus+ programs were shared to all the participants</p> <p>Considering students interest and their demand to repeat such an activity we can say that the seminar was a great success</p> <p>We kindly thank the European Parliament Office in Greece for their valuable help and we hope to cooperate again in the future</p>