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2. Google Search Everything 155,000results 3. Wonderwheel Is a tool that helps you tonarrow down your search.Encourages students tothink about what they reallywant to know as they search.Is a clear visual interactivetool. 4. Timeline Is a tool that helps you tonarrow your search to aspecific time period.Encourages students tothink about when theyreally want to know about. Is a clear visual linear tool. 5. Reading Level 6. Google Advanced Search 7. Google Search Images 8. Advanced Image Search 9. Labeled for reuse 10. Dropping Image into Box 11. News Archive Search Is a tool that targets newsarticles only. Makes research feel real aschildren are reading realnewspaper articles from aparticular period.Incorporates the timeline tool andis a clear visual interactive tool. 12. 10 January 1895 13. 17 February 1909 14. Google has SO much to offer Educators - itall depends on what "hat" you are wearing!" 15. Benets of Google DocsPeer collaborationSaves automaticallyEasy access from any computerTeacher can monitor work easilyGroup work contributions easy to seeAuthentic audience24/7 accessFreeEasy to useGreat for personal and/or professional use