lets go to islam!

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Lets go to Islam!. By: Sue Student. Presentation Outline. Background Information What types of art are in Islam What does the art of Muslim world reflect? Meaning of geometry and Islamic art Types of Islamic Calligraphy Origins Characteristics Sketch Conclusion. Background Information. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Lets go to Islam!

Lets go to Islam!By: Sue StudentPresentation OutlineBackground InformationWhat types of art are in IslamWhat does the art of Muslim world reflect?Meaning of geometry and Islamic artTypes of Islamic CalligraphyOriginsCharacteristicsSketchConclusion

Background InformationGeography LocationClimatePopulationPeople/CultureWhat does the art of the Muslim world reflect? What type of message does this type of art try and tell you about religion? folk stories? animals? patterns? numbers?Meaning of geometry and Islamic art.What does math and geometry mean to the Islamic people?Types of Islamic Calligraphy.Deewani: Origins: Characteristics: Picture:

Kufi: Origins: Characteristics: Picture:

Naskh: Origins: Characteristics: Picture:

Types of Islamic Calligraphy cont.Riqa: Origins: Characteristics: Picture:

Taliq: Origins: Characteristics: Picture:

Thuluth: Origins: Characteristics: Picture: ConclusionWhat did you learn about this type of art?What was your favorite piece of work?Would you like to visit there sometime?SourcesDeewani, www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/styles/deewani.htmlKufi, www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/styles/kufi.html Naskh, www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/styles/naskh.html Riqa, www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/styles/riqa.htmlTaliq, www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/styles/taliq.htmlThuluth, www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/styles/thuluth.htmlThis is were you put all your website pages and book titles of information found.