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Selling on Amazon Europe will Grow your business.


  • 1. Lets go to amazon

2. 1. The Vision Earths most customer centric company-Start with customers and work backwards"- Jeff Benzos, Founder 3. 2. You can Sell your products on all 4 Amazon Marketplacesin Europe (UK, Germany, France & Italy) 4. 3. No product listing fees on Amazon 3. Amazon Growth isBetter than eBay 5. 4. Amazon users are More Educated , Wealthier , Younger,Diversified 6. Source: www.imonlinegroup.com5. Amazon tops list of online consumer satisfaction 7. Top 40 e-retailers (UK)Satisfaction score out ofRanking Retailer1001Amazon.com 842Amazon.co.uk 833Play.com 814John Lewis 785Marks &78 SpencerSource: www.foreseeresults.comConclusionAmazon has grown to become very important sales channel for online retailers.Its customer centric approach is successful business strategy. 8. What can we do? Setup eBay. Amazon. PlayTrade Shops Provide Training & Consultancy Help you to Re-Market your costumers Guide you to expand to Europe@day2dayebay E: hello@daytodayebay.co.cc M:0751 8839629