Let’s go on a boat trip!

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Lets go on a boat trip!. All passengers aboard!!. A Few Boat Rules. Please be respectful of your neighbor. No talking or disturbing their trip! Please sit back and relax as you learn about our new region. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Lets go on a boat trip!</p> <p> Lets go on a boat trip!All passengers aboard!!</p> <p>Please be respectful of your neighbor. No talking or disturbing their trip!Please sit back and relax as you learn about our new region. Feel free to ask questions to your ship captain, Miss Stern. She is here to help In case of any emergencies, grab a lifejacket!</p> <p>A Few Boat Rules</p> <p>Here are some clues:Tall cornstalks in neat rowsA scarecrowCows in a pastureBeaches with beautiful lakes</p> <p>Youll see all these in theCan you guess our destination??MIDWESTMIDWESTMIDWESTPlaces of Interest: St. Louis Arch</p> <p>Places of Interest: Sears Tower in Chicago</p> <p>Places of Interest: Indiana Sand Dunes</p> <p>And dont forget Wisconsin cheese!</p> <p>Did you know the Great Lakes link the Midwest region to the Gulf of Mexico and to the Atlantic Ocean?</p> <p>Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, &amp; Lake SuperiorLargest group of freshwater lakes in the world contain about 1/5 of the worlds freshwater (water that is not salty)Importance of the Great LakesMovement of ____________ caused deep pits to form in the Earth. As the Ice Age ended, the ____________ melted.The melting water of the ____________ filled the pits, forming the Great Lakes.How were the Great Lakes formed?Waterway: consists of rivers, lakes, and canals through which many ships travelCanal: one kind of waterway that has been dug across land for ships to go throughIllinois Waterway: connects lake Michigan to the Mississippi RiverSt. Lawrence Seaway: links the Great Lakes with the St. Lawrence RiverLock: a gated part of a canal or riverBarge: a flat-bottomed boatCaptains Vocabulary Quiz!</p> <p>St. Lawrence Seaway</p> <p>Hello, passengers. This is your captain speaking. I need your help with an important question.</p> <p>Is it better to transport goods by water or by land?Share some advantages and disadvantages</p> <p>To Ship Over Land or Water?The badlands are in the Great Plains.Located in South DakotaBadlands are regions of dry hills and sharp cliffs formed of crumbling rock.Among the most beautiful landscapes in the United StatesRivers, wind, and rain carved the landscape we see today. From the Great Lakes to the Great PlainsBadlands National Park South Dakota</p> <p>Erosion: the wearing away of rock by water and windErosion continually uncovers fossils in the BadlandsFamous for dinosaur fossilsThe area has one of the richest fossil beds in the world</p> <p>A prairie surrounds the Badlands. A prairie is an area where grasses grow well, but trees are rare.What animals might live here?Captains Vocabulary Quiz!The Midwest is one of the worlds most important agricultural regions. </p> <p>Soil is very rich and deepRainfall is plentifulGrowing season is longSummers are warmRich FarmlandWheat and other grains are main crops grown on the GREAT PLAINS.</p> <p>Corn and soybeans are two main crops grown on the CENTRAL PLAINS.</p> <p>Irrigation has made it possible for farmers on the Great Plains to grow more types of crops.Great Plains vs. Central PlainsWe will now be docking at one of the busiest port cities on the Mississippi River.Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri!!I hope you have some time to explore the neat attractions in St. Louis, including the Arch.You might even have time to take in a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game Ships Arrival</p>