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  • 1. presented by BRENDA CRUZ, NCTSTA PROCEED Agency Meeting September 4, 2007 LETS GO FISHING ! ! ! Achieving a Culture Change within Our Organization.

2. WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Effectiveness and productivity in an organization stem from individuals whose needs are met on many different levels.Some of these include how individuals interact, how they solve issues and resolve personal and professional conflicts.In short, when the staff is happy and working as one cohesive and supportive unit, the organization flourishes. Moreover, our clients can tell the difference and that spells a difference to our bottom line (PROCEEDs mission). 3. Workshop Agenda

  • Workshop overview and Outcomes
  • Opening question
  • The FISH! Story
  • The FISH! Philosophy Principles
  • FISHing Exercise #1
  • FISHing Exercise # 2
  • Closing Activity: OFISHial FISH! Scale
  • FISH principles, Recap


  • Outcomes
  • Enhanced teamwork through supportive attitude toward group initiatives
  • Increased energy and morale at work
  • Increases in personal and group accountability
  • Improved service and boost individual performance

LETS GO FISHING ! ! ! Achieving a Culture Change within Our Organization. 5. When an organization decides to implement theFISH Philosophy , it is imperative that all staff participate. Only withfull buy-in, at all levels,can true success be achieved. 6. QUESTION! Can someone describe a type of job that you are gladthat you dont have? Job title Primary job duties How do they survive doing that job? 7.

  • The FISH! Philosophy
  • Created byJohn Christensenwhile on a
  • visit to Seattle as he observed how animated and happy the
  • employees atSeattle's Pike Place Fish Marketwere in their
  • work. They filled orders by flinging fish to each other, inciting
  • laughter from the customers and compliments about their
  • throwing/catching abilities, or commiseration if they missed.
  • Employees would often invite customers to join the fun. The
  • Pike Place employees gave their complete attention to each
  • of their customers and ensured each had an enjoyable visit.
  • Christensen realized that not only were the workers making a
  • routine errand fun for themselves and their customers,
  • they also were selling tons of fish.
  • He constructed theFISH! Philosophy
  • from his observations of Pike Place employees


  • How do Seattles
  • Pike Place Fish Market
  • fishmongers do it?

The FISH! Philosophy 9.

  • Choose your attitude.
  • Be there.
  • Make their day.
  • Play.

The FISH! Philosophy Ingredients 10. Choose Your Attitude

  • There is always a choice about the way you do your work,
  • even if there is not a choice about the work itself.
  • Our daily, sometimes moment-by-moment attitude, affects how we perceive what we are doing as well as impacting the people we encounter and how they view themselves and their work.
  • Keep in mind:Nobody forces you to be at your specific workplace:youchoose to be here. Since you choose to be here, you have the opportunity to consciously choose your commitments and your attitude, as opposed to being at the mercy of other people's actions or the circumstances around you.


  • It's about who you are being whileyou are doing what you're doing.
  • Being there for others includes:
  • 1) looking at the speaker when they talk with you,
  • 2) asking questions which demonstrate that you have
  • been an active listener, and
  • 3) concentrating on the conversation at hand. It takes
  • concentration to focus on the speaker without making
  • judgments about what they are saying, but the pay-off
  • is definitely worth it.

Be There 12.

  • Understand that in every moment lies the possibility to make a positive impact on anyone you meet.

Make Their Day Sometimes we forget that our clients and fellow co-workers, deserve our very best every moment we are at work . This doesn't have to be a big production! It might be as easy as opening the door for someone whose arms are overflowing, remembering people's names even if you see them infrequently, or leaving an unexpected note to encourage a co-worker going through a rough time.It's as easy as that.So plan right now to "make someone's day" today. 13. PLAY!

  • An "all business" approach has a cost, a human cost. It's un-inspiring.

However, the fun which people desire at the workplace is the very worry most organizations have. Often, there's a misunderstanding about "lightheartedness on the job". But if you consider play as learning, experimentation or interaction, creativity will flourish, the workplace environment will be more enjoyable, and patrons and students will see the difference and enjoy the journey with you.Some people think play is the opposite of work. You are either playing or you are working. Playing at work is usually frowned upon. Its considered counter-productive, unhelpful, and silly-a time-waster. But play, when balanced with the other 4 principles of theFish! Philosophy can work for you!Consider play as learning, experimentation or interaction, creativity will flourish, the workplace environment will be more enjoyable, and clients will see the difference and enjoy the journey with you. 14. The FISH! Philosophy Choose Play Be there Make their day 15. FISH! Exercise #1

  • Catch the Energy & Release the Potential
  • In your groups, reflect on the FISH principle
  • in front of you and
  • write down theBENEFITS of principle and ways we canIMPLEMENT
  • the FISH principle at PROCEED.


  • Which FISH principle is shown here?

FISH! Exercise #2 LETS GO FISHING ! ! ! 17.

  • Closing Exercise:
  • OFISHial FISH Scale


  • Workplace "FISH" Philosophy
  • As you enter this place of work, please "CHOOSE" to make today a great day. Your coworkers, clients and yourself will be thankful.
  • Find ways to "PLAY". We can be serious about our work without being serious about ourselves. Have some fun today.
  • Stay focused in order to "BE PRESENT" when your clients and coworkers most need you.
  • And should you feel your energy lapsing, find someone who needs a helping hand, a word of support or encouragement, and "MAKE THEIR DAY".

19. It's time to go fishing at PROCEED! Thanks forparticipating!