lest we forget - rsl qld wide bay & burnett district lest we forget the surrender of imperial japan

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    NEWSLETTER Of the Hervey bay rsl sub-branch Inc.

    June 2018

    Lest We Forget

    The surrender of Imperial Japan was announced on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945, bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close

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    Brian Tidyman


    Firstly, I would like to again thank the Committee of the Sub-Branch for their efforts on ANZAC Day 2018 and to the residents of Hervey Bay for their support on the day. I think you will all agree that both services were excellent. The Sub-Branch will be conducting six services during this year as follows: July 8th Rimau, July 27th Korea Memorial Day August 15th VP Day September 14th Peacekeepers Day and November 11th Remembrance Day. Welfare section is again very busy with clients and home/hospital visits. The number of clients is also increasing and my thanks to Carol, Vicki and the team for their dedication to Welfare. Pension section is also very busy with claims and, with the loss of one advocate to Maryborough RSL and another having some downtime on doctor’s orders, the workload has fallen on to two advocates. If you are seeking help with Pensions please be patient as you will be attended to ASAP. Thanks to Terry, Tim, Susan and Sue for their dedication. Until next time please be happy and healthy. Brian

    Don't forget that you can keep abreast of what is happening with the Sub -Branch and ESO’s by checking out the Sub-Branch's website -


    Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12.30pm or ph: 4197 7477.

    Getting to know you

    In this edition we find out more about our Sub-Branch President, Brian Tidyman:

     Which service did you serve in and for how many years? Army 1964-1970.

     Your job in the service? Gun number and driver then RDI at Puckapunyal.

     Most memorable moment whilst serving? There were too many to name but suffice to say I enjoyed my time in the service.

     What did you do after leaving the Military and for how long? I joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne where I served for 22 years reaching the rank of Station Officer.

     Why did you choose Hervey Bay? I first came to the Bay in 1979 for a holiday and said that I would be back one day. That day arrived in March 1993 and I have enjoyed every day in paradise.

     Choose a movie title for the story of your life. Bandit.

     What’s your favourite time of the day and why? Morning, because it is quiet and peaceful and I have got another day to live.

     If you could only ever eat three foods what would they be? Pasta, fruit and meat.

     What are three things still left on your bucket list? I still have not found the bucket yet but I am looking forward to spending more time with my grandkids before they get too old.

     What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my family and helping veterans.

     What is the one piece of advice you would give to others about life? Don’t get married.


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    Annual General Meeting Last Saturday in February each year February 24 10:30am (held in ‘Hervey House’ at the RSL Club) General Meetings May 12 10:30am August 11 10:30am November 3 10.30am (held in ‘Hervey House’ at the RSL Club) Committee Meetings Usually held the fourth Thursday of the month (no meeting December).

    There will be a variation in April when the Committee meeting is held before ANZAC Day.

    Check the website for updates and variations. Commemorations observed in Hervey Bay:

    April 25 ANZAC Day

    July 8 Rimau Commemoration

    July 27 Korea Memorial Day

    August 15 VP Day

    August 18 Vietnam Veterans’ Day

    September 14 Peacekeepers Day

    November 11 Remembrance Day


    Don’t forget to visit our webpage for

    all the latest Sub-Branch news.


    Ensure the RSL Club has your correct mobile phone details to receive event notifications and reminders

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    Who are we? The Hervey Bay Sub-Branch of the RSL offers a FREE Pensions and Advocacy service that is staffed and operated by qualified Compensation Advocates and Welfare Advocates .

    Our staff provides professional advice and assistance on obtaining eligible benefits under the:

     Veterans’ Entitlement Act (VEA);

     Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act (SRCA) and

     Military Rehabilitation & Compensation Act (MRCA) In addition, the RSL State Branch Pensions, Advocacy and Welfare Service have advocates throughout Queensland who are:

     Highly experienced in lodging claims under the

    Veterans Entitlements Act (VEA), Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act (SRCA) and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCA);

     Caring and qualified to practise in their areas of expertise;

     Able to draw on a wealth of operational and broad-based peacetime experience; and

     Having served overseas and in the ADF for many years. Services We Offer The Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch’s Pensions and Welfare Service covers disability pensions, compensation payments, associated allowances, income support payments and treatment available to entitled veterans and former serving members of the Defence Forces and their dependents. Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch Pension Office is open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 12:30pm.

    Due to the overwhelming demand for our Pension Advocates, we advise that appointment times and interview times may be delayed.

    We apologise for any inconvenience however the wellbeing of our few volunteers is paramount and your cases deserve time and due diligence by our dedicated team.

    By Kevin Collins Secretary

    May 2018

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    Our team of 11 Welfare Visitation Officers are trained and authorized to assist the ex-service community (Army, Air Force, Navy and Police). This is a free service.

    How can they help?

    Welfare Visitation Officers are trained to assist with a range of services:

     Health Care  Community Services available  Concessions  Respite Care  Home/hospital/nursing home visits  Arrange access to financial advice  Assist with bereavement  Assist with DVA services  Liaise with Compensation Advocates to prepare claims.

    How to contact the Welfare Team:

    Office  (07) 4197 7477 ext 458 After Hours  (07) 4197 7444 (RSL Club for call forwarding)

    We are looking for more volunteers for our Welfare and Pension

    teams and you do not have to be ex-service to help out.

    It would be an advantage if you have been involved in nursing,

    Community Services or Lifeline and could give a couple of hours per

    week, but the necessary Advocacy Training and Development

    Program (“ATDP”) training will be provided.

    T h e W e l f a r e T e a m a r e n o w l o c a t e d a t

    L e g a c y H o u s e — 1 B r y a n t S t r e e t , P i a l b a (on the corner of Hillyard Street, across from the Catholic Church)

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    The Naval Association of Australia, Fraser Coast Sub-

    Section, held a commemoration for The Battle of The

    Coral Sea at Freedom Park on Friday 4 May 2018.

    The Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch President, Brian

    Tidyman, and Committee Members, Kevin Collins, Buster

    Crabb, Tracy Gillespie and Simon Morley attended.

    The Battle of the Coral Sea, fought from 4 to 8 May

    1942, was a major naval battle between the Imperial

    Japanese Navy (IJN) and naval and air forces from

    the United States and Australia, taking place in the

    Pacific Theatre of World War II

    Membership is open to all members of

    any waterborne service, military or

    civilian, retired or serving; we do also

    have social membership available.

    We meet to promote social contact and

    support amongst members and their

    families, with monthly meetings and

    frequent bus trips to places of interest.

    Our club support Legacy and, from time

    to time, other worthwhile causes.

    Our motto is:

    ‘Unity within the Community’

    Contact :

    Roger Widdowson – 0417 074 274

    Bill Vance - 0487 303 396

    Ngaio Robbins – 0409 774 561

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    The Hervey Bay Community Link Program has picked up in

    the first half of this year.

    We have had enquiries from the other Sub-Branches in Central

    and Western Queensland and people on the Fraser Coast are

    still joining the Program.

    This year’s

    ANZAC Centenary 2014 –2018 Youth Competition has been sent out to the senior schools.

    The theme this year is:

    Army Nurses 1914—1918

    (We Honour Them)

    The Sub-Branch is hoping for a good turnout for this competition. John Beattie, Deputy President Community Link Co-Ordinator

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    Legacy has existed for 95 years, caring for the families of deceased

    veterans. We, at Hervey Bay Legacy Group, need to increase our

    volunteer body to serve our 360 beneficiaries, who are the widows

    and children of deceased veterans. Would you, or someone you