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  • 7/31/2019 Lest We Forget-Patriotic Concert 2012



    for Lest We Forget


    Contact: Victoria Dunlop,Public Information Officer

    269-468-5679, vicki@birdbite.com

    This Event Contact: Don Alsbro,Colonel US Army (Ret)

    269-925-7176, dealsbro@sbcglobal.net

    For IMMEDIATE distribution October 24, 2011

    Lest We Forgets Annual Patriotic Concert:

    Veterans Day Tribute with the Southshore Concert Band

    BENTON HARBOR, MI Bold percussion rhythms, mellow singing of string instruments and pleasing brass

    harmonies will join to create musical joy for A Veterans Day Tribute.

    Jim Cassidy will emcee as the much-lauded Southshore Concert Band joins Lest We Forget in a stirring, patrioticsalute. Special recognition will be given to senior WWII veterans (90 years and older). These special guests willbe present with families for an emotional and respectful acknowledgment of their service to our country.

    Directed by Southshore Concert Band founder and conductor Dale Reuss, the two-hour musical production withpatriotic selections includes favorites such as The Star-Spangled Bannerand God Bless America as well as LeeGreenwoods more contemporary, pride-instilling God Bless the USA. Additional performances will includeThe Chimes of Liberty; Duty, Honor, County, and arrangement The Homefront: Musical Memories from WWII.

    During the playing ofDuty, Honor, Countryby the band, Hank Richmond, a graduate of West Point, will read

    excerpts of General Douglas MacArthur's last address in 1962 to the West Point cadets. During the playing ofLiberty for All, Jim Cassidy will read excerpts from the speeches of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln andJohn F. Kennedy. Veterans will be asked to stand whenBand of Brothers (WWII),Inchon (Korea) andBlackGranite (Vietnam) are played.

    The patriotic program features a Tribute to Missing Comrades and a trio of personal reflections of WhatFreedom Means to Me by Michigan Senator John Proos and House Representatives Al Pscholka and SharonTyler. In addition, Lest We Forgets future events will be highlighted.

    The program is at 2pm on Sunday, November 11 at Lake Michigan Colleges Mendel Center Mainstage in BentonHarbor. As with past concerts, you will be pleased you attended as you leave feeling educated, entertained, proudof our freedom and grateful to the men and women who make it possible.

    Tickets are $10 for adults and free for those 17 years and under, to encourage a family experience. Advancetickets are available at Martins Super Market in both St. Joseph and Stevensville and from Lest We Forgetmembers. Tickets are available now at the Mendel Center Box Office (927-1221).

    Contact Don Alsbro at 269-925-7176 or dealsbro@sbcglobal.net for information. Learn about these fine groups athttp://southshoreconcertband.com and www.lestweforgetusa.org.

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