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A little useless trivia in the bigger picture of time.


  • 1. 1652 2007The development of the Boer nation in Africa
    A little useless trivia
    in the bigger picture of time.

2. 1652 Fortifying the Cape of Good Hope
1652 1662Jan Van Riebeeck
to establish:

  • Way station

3. Fort 4. Plant fruit &vegetables 5. Establish livestockImmigrants from

  • Holland

6. France 7. GermanyHuguenot Protestants
fleeing Roman Catholicism
1814 British Colony
8. Johan Anthoniszoon Jan van Riebeeck landed five ships (Reijer, Dromedaris, Goede Hoop, Oliphant and Walvisch) at the future Cape Town on 6 April 1652 and fortified the site as a Way station for the VOC trade route between Netherland and the East Indies.Van Riebeeck was Commander of the Cape from 1652 to 1662; he was charged with building a fort, improving the natural anchorage at Table Bay, planting fruit and vegetables and obtaining livestock from the indigenous Khoikhoi people.
9. 1836 Great Trek

  • 10 000 Boers left to build a new life in Republics of

10. Natal 11. Transvaal 12. Orange Free State 13. Difficulties 14. British encroachments 15. Bantu Attacks