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<ul><li> 1. hristmas Around the WorldDesigned by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica</li></ul> <p> 2. in Mexico Posadas- religious parade that takesplace for nine days beforeChristmas. - children dress as Mary and Josephand look of a place to stay.Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 3. Piata - tradition that involves breaking a paper star shaped object full of sweets, mandarins, and small toys No quiero oro, ni quiero plata;yo lo que quiero es romper la piata.Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 4. in Italy La Befana- a kind of old witch who arrives on her broomstick during the night of January 5- she fills the stockings with toys and sweets for the good children and with coal for the bad ones.Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 5. in Holland Sinterklaas - arrives in a steamboat from Spain with a white horse and dozens of helpers.Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 6. on 6th of December- Children place their wooden shoes filled with carrots and hay by the fireplace for Sinterklaas horse.Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 7. in America Christmas tree- usually stands centrally in the home, decorated with ornaments, tinsel and lights, with an angel or a star at the top.Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 8. Santa Claus is said to visit homes while childrenare sleeping during the night beforeChristmas morning. Christmas stockings are hung on thefireplace for him to fill with little gifts children to leave a glass of milk anda plate of Christmas cookies forSantaDesigned by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 9. in Romania Saint Nicholas- leaves sweets in theshoes of good kids and a switch forbad kidsDesigned by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 10. Christmas tree Carols (Steaua, Pluguorul etc.) Mo Crciun (Santa Claus)Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 11. in SpainDesigned by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica 12. Merry Christmas to you all !Designed by Ioana Georgiana-Veronica</p>