Lesson For Sunday School :- Names Of Animals

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Names of animals. Some pictures were selected to instill in the children good values like, loving kindness, gratitude, caring and living harmoniously with one another. You may download to use this presentation. 1) Click at 5-point star to show answer. ( Answer is not shown until the 5-point star is clicked) 2) Click at Home to go back to first slide .


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2. The baby Home fish is inside its mothers mouth. 3. The is sleeping on the tree branch. panda Home 4. Name this animal. Tiger Home 5. Home A and a cat. rabbit 6. The animal is zebra. Home 7. Home This is a wolf. 8. This is a baby seal. Home 9. A dog and acat. Home 10. A hornbill is perching on a branch. Home 11. A mother whale and its calf. Home 12. A polar bear and its two cubs. Home 13. Two adult penguins and their baby. Home 14. Two adult elephants and their calf. Home 15. A tiger is taking care of five baby pigs. Home 16. A motherdolphin takes care of its baby. Home


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