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PR Writing lesson


Presentacin de PowerPoint

Writing effectively


Understand the writing process and apply it effectively.

Brainstorm 5 tips for better writing

Tips for better writing?

Make a map showing the writing process

First things firstIn teams go outside and correct at least 13 misspelled words. Bonus to the first ones who finish.Lets start practisingWrite a 70-word note to Paul Carrillo. Explain a problem in Cancun and give your idea of how to solve it.

Answer the following question using 30 words but persuade me: What is the most important word in the English language?

Evaluate:Traffic in our neighborhood is out of control. Cars speed down in Colosio Avenue because there are no stop signs. There have been several car accidents in the area in the last months, and I am concerned for the safety of the people who have to cross it. I would like to suggest that the city signals pedestrian crossings at key points within this Avenue, both to calm the traffic and to provide a safe crossing. The most important word in the English language is friend. This word is important because it is used to describe the connection between two people when they share respect HOMEWORK:Bookp. 91 ex. 4.7