lesson 15: the great cappadocians. macrina basil the great or basil of caesarea gregory of nyssa...

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Lesson 15: The Great Cappadocians Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Macrina Basil the Great or Basil of Caesarea Gregory of Nyssa Gregory of Nazianzus Slide 5 THEME IN CAPPADOCIAN WRITINGS: THE MYSTERY OF THE GODHEAD Gods being is infinite, and so the more that the finite mind knows of him, the more it becomes aware of its ignorance In speaking of God, when there is a question of His essence, then is the time to keep silence. When, however, it is a question of His operationthat is the time to speak. Gregory of Nyssa. The begetting of God must be honored by silence. It is a great thing for you to learn that he was begotten. But the manner of his generation we will not admit that even angels can conceive, much less you. Gregory of Nazianzus. Slide 6 THREE CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE CAPPADOCIANS 1. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 2. Doctrine of the person of Christ That which He has not assumed, He has not healed. But that which is united to His Godhead is also saved Gregory of Nazianzus Athanasius:If Christ is not God, we are not saved Gregory:If Christ is not man, we are not saved 3. Care for the needy Slide 7 Three Significant Emperors Constantine (313-337) Julian They not only take care of their poor, they take care of our poor as well Theodosius (379- The Apostate (361-363) Christendom Slide 8 Council of Constantinople 381 The Holy Spirit, the Lord, Giver of life, who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father and the Son, is together worshiped and together glorified. NOTE:What about pagan persecution?