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  • 1. Products Overview

2. About Us Confidential Born with the Innovative solutions, contributing to the Energy saving revolution Lesotek is a diversified Electrical and Electronics products comprehensive Solution company focused on providing more practical, comfortable, artistic and simple products. On pursuing the green, comfortable and beautiful life, Lesotek will bring more energy saving products with creation and innovation. The energy efficient Solutions and applications for lighting as well solar will contribute much to the global energy saving. Lesotek vision is leading innovative power management in the green energy revolution. Always leading through innovation, we aim to continually deliver improvements to solutions in Energy. Lesotek Lighting has been a pioneer in India to offer a wide range of best in class LED Products, Luminaries (Fixtures), Lamps and various Solar Energy products to cater to various applications including Home, Retail, Office, Hospitals, Industry, Sports, Signage, Stage, Studio and Home. We offer complete Lighting solutions beginning with concept, visualization followed by a detailed lighting design in accordance with industry standards. 3. Company Profile Confidential Company office : 406, 4th Floor, Abhishek Complex, Opp. Hotel Haveli, Sector -11, Gandhi Nagar-382010 Gujarat, INDIA Nature of business : Trading , Manufacturing & Export Products & Services : LED Lights and Renewable Products & Services Employees : 20-35 Revenue : US$ 1.1 Million 4. Confidential Business Units LED Lighting Renewable Energy Lesotek Indoor Outdoor - LED retrofit lighting - Professional lighting - Decorative lighting - Street light - Flood light - Garden light - Solar water heater - Solar cooker - Solar AC - Solar Cold Storage PV Thermal - PV Modules - Solar Power Plant - Solar water pump - Solar Street Light - Solar Home lighting 5. Renewable Energy Domestic Thermal Industrial PV Domestic Industrial - Low Power PV Modules - Solar Power Plant - KW - Solar water pump - Solar Home lighting - High Power PV Modules - Solar Power Plant MW - Solar Street Light - Solar Cooker Box Type - Solar Water Heater - ETC - Solar Cooker Schaffer - Solar Water Heater - FPC - Solar AC - Solar Cold Storage 6. Confidential Overview of Our Solar PV Products Solar Power Plant Roof Top System Solar Street Light Solar Lantern Solar Modules Solar Water Pump 7. Confidential Overview of Our Solar Thermal Products Solar Water Heater-FPC Solar Cooking - Kitchen Solar Cooking - Site Solar Water Heater-ETC Solar Cooker - Box Solar AC - Site 8. Confidential Overview of Solar PV Project EPC KW Small System MW Utility Power Off-Grid Solution PPA On-Grid Solution REC 9. Confidential Installation of Solar PV Project 100KW 22KW 500KW Solar Street Light 10. Thank You Email : chintan.patel@lesotek.com Website : www.lesotek.com