léonie by nayla aramouni. this is léonie. she likes raisins, dried bananas and books about farm...

Download Léonie by Nayla Aramouni. This is Léonie. She likes raisins, dried bananas and books about farm animals

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  • Lonieby Nayla Aramouni

  • This is Lonie.

  • She likes raisins, dried bananas and books about farm animals.

  • She likes waiting for her father to come home from work,

  • picnics by the sea,

  • and her swing.

  • She likes saying pliff, plaff, ploof when she drops bits of bread into her soup.

  • She doesnt like having to stay outside when its too cold,

  • or sweaters that make her itch,

  • or the sound of helicopters.

  • She likes pretending that her hand is a little bug that crawls around the table, across the window and on peoples head.

  • She likes her four dogs Jin, Frost, Imiaq,

  • and Zagrey especially.

  • Lonie calls all strangers who come and visit copains which means friends and loves peeking in at them in the morning while theyre still asleep.

  • She loves bed time when she listens to her favourite lullaby and is tucked into her sleeping bag.

  • She likes going on short trips with her parents,

  • helping them with work,

  • and welcoming the sun on the first day of light.

  • Out on the snow in a cold, cold place, theres a boat that is stuck in the ice.

  • In the boat on the ice in this cold cold place is a girl whos been nowhere else.

  • Shes never seen a cat

    or a flower or a car

    except in the books that she reads.

  • But on the little boat in the cold and the ice she seems to have all that she needs.

  • The End