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In this economy people turn to businesses they can start at home for extra money but how can you tell if the business you are choosing to start is reputable? There are some steps you should take and things you should look at before deciding on a business to start at home.


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2. The Internet has opened the entire world up to the average person. There is a world full of legitimate home- based businesses and other opportunities. Unfortunately, there is also a world full of scam artists which prey on the people who can least afford to lose their money.
When looking for proven legitimate home- based businesses, you will need to keep your eyes and ears open. Invest your time researching and learning all you can about the business before you invest any of your cash.
3. The task of sorting out legitimate home- based businesses from the scams that are listed on the Internet can be very daunting, especially for those not experienced with the Internet.
4. If it Looks too Good to be True
Many times the scam sites are very attractive and offer terrific incomes that are hard to believe.
Scammers obviously spend a lot of money putting together websites and sales pages that will entice many people to part with their money.
Websites that advertise huge income claims are typically unrealistic. It is possible to make a huge income online, and many people have done exactly that.
5. Knowledge and experience will indeed help you to build an online business, but it does not happen overnight.
Most of the business opportunities on the Internet speak of the income of their top earners. Like brick-and-mortar businesses, it takes hard and consistent work to build your income levels.
6. Check it Our Thoroughly
Research is your friend when it comes to checking out legitimate home- based businesses online.
Do not get caught up in the hype, but rather review all of the information you can find about this business.
First, look for contact information on the website itself, send a message and see what sort of response you get, or if you get one at all.
7. Second, look for a physical address and telephone numbers on the website, as this lends credibility.
Another source is domain tools.com; this site will give you the registration details for the website. Look for legitimate phone numbers and real addresses.
The point is to make sure the person who built the site is not trying to remain nameless and faceless.
8. Look for a Guarantee
See if there is a money-back guarantee offered or trial period.
Verify what type of training is offered, as a program will do you no good if you cant figure out how to use it. This is especially important if youre a World Wide Web and computing novice.
Look into free newsletters and forums for people involved with the opportunity and get some opinions.
One good place to look for information on legitimate home- based businesses is Work at Home Momhttp://www.wahm.com/.) These ladies have checked out nearly every legitimate home based business opportunity, and will give you blunt and honest feedback about their experiences.
9. Find Free Sites
Many work-at-home sites do not require any cash outlay. Among them are outlets for writing and social media work that clients need done, and sites which will pay you directly for your writing and blogging work.
You find a lot of sites where you can find writing work, social media work, and other sorts of work at home income that are legitimate at Write and get paid (http://writeandgetpaid.wordpress.com/.) This site offers resources to find legitimate home- based businesses and paying opportunities on the Internet with reviews of websites and pros and cons.
10. Dont Buckle Under Pressure
Once you have done all your due diligence, take another day to sleep on it before parting with any cash.
If there is pressure to sign up right now, it is a limited time offer, or there is a strong emphasis on recruiting rather than actually working, take a few days to decide, and talk it over with some people you trust before making a commitment.
11. With advances in technology, there are new legitimate home-based business opportunities opening up daily. Indeed, it is now possible to earn a living entirely from home. Check out opportunities thoroughly and you will find lots of ways to put money in the bank.
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