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<ul><li><p>BELLE PLAINE HERALD, BELLE PLAINE, MINNESOTA PAGE TEN wEDNESDAy, juLy 23, 2014</p><p>Legal Notices(continued on the next page)</p><p>CITY OF BELLE PLAINE, MINNESOTASUMMARY FINANCIAL REPORT</p><p> The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of financial information </p><p>concerning the City of Belle Plaine to interested citizens. The complete financial statements may be examined at the </p><p>City of Belle Plaine, 218 Meridian St N.Questions about this report should be directed to </p><p>Dawn Meyer, Finance Director, 952-873-5553. </p><p>The following summaries are from the general purpose financial statements of the City for the years ended December 31, 2013 and 2012. </p><p>The right hand column shows the percentage change in dollars between the two years. </p><p> STATEMENT OF REVENUES, EXPENDITURES AND GOVERNMENTAL FUNDS</p><p> Percent Increase Total 2013 Total 2012 (Decrease)REVENuES Taxes $4,662,865 $4,396,067 6.07% Licenses and permits 113,297 107,079 5.81% Intergovernmental 755,304 352,552 114.24% Charges for services 394,972 379,459 4.09% Fines and forfeitures 50,046 66,941 (-25.24%) Special assessments 536,133 476,524 12.51% Miscellaneous 169,619 236,038 (-28.14%) TOTAL REVENuES 6,682,236 6,014,660 11.10% EXPENDITuRES Current General government 770,097 732,545 5.13% Public safety 1,603,343 1,651,229 (-2.90%) Public works 782,304 699,459 11.84% Culture and recreation 316,705 246,991 28.23% Housing and economic development 71,138 95,749 (-25.70%) Capital outlay General government 34,614 32,376 6.91% Public safety 74,300 87,277 (-14.87%) Public works 1,828,309 3,392,310 (-46.10%) Culture and recreation 72,000 164,181 (-56.15%) Housing and economic development 36,255 163,436 (-77.82%) Debt service Principal 1,395,890 1,024,675 36.23% Interest and other 239,678 239,314 0.15% TOTAL EXPENDITuRES 7,224,633 8,529,542 (-15.30%) EXCESS (DEFICIENCy) OF REVENuES OVER (uNDER) EXPENDITuRES (542,397) (2,514,882) (-78.43%) OTHER FINANCING SOuRCES (uSES) Transfers in 1,319,254 856,153 54.09% Bonds issued 1,190,000 3,065,000 (-61.17%) Capital lease proceeds 124,465 (-100.00%) Transfers out (1,250,384) (787,283) 58.82% TOTAL OTHER FINANCING SOuRCES (uSES) 1,258,870 3,258,335 (-61.36%) NET CHANGE IN FuND BALANCES 716,473 743,453 (-3.63%) FuND BALANCES, jANuARy 1 8,824,744 8,081,291 9.20% FuND BALANCES, DECEMBER 31 $9,541,217 $8,824,744 8.12% The complete financial report is available at or in the Finance Department, </p><p>City of Belle Plaine, which includes the detail of this published report. </p><p>CITY OF BELLE PLAINE, MINNESOTA STATEMENTS OF NET POSITION - PROPRIETARY FUNDS December 31, 2013 203 204 Sewer water TotalsASSETS CuRRENT ASSETS Cash and temporary investments $427,811 $1,016,829 $1,444,640 Cash with fiscal agent - 4,041,204 4,041,204 Receivables Interest - 108 108 Accounts 119,947 143,292 263,239 Special assessments - current 3,003 2,225 5,228 TOTAL CuRRENT ASSETS 550,761 5,203,658 5,754,419 NONCuRRENT ASSETS Special assessments - noncurrent 8,783 5,855 14,638 Capital assets Land 195,492 76,386 271,878 Equipment 264,352 63,264 327,616 Infrastructure 17,611,833 14,822,654 32,434,487 Total capital assets, cost 18,071,677 14,962,304 33,033,981 Less accumulated depreciation (3,365,153) (3,257,278) (6,622,431)</p><p> Net capital assets 14,706,524 11,705,026 26,411,550 TOTAL NONCuRRENT ASSETS 14,715,307 11,710,881 26,426,188 TOTAL ASSETS 15,266,068 16,914,539 32,180,607 LIABILITIES CuRRENT LIABILITIES Accounts payable $45,746 $43,330 $89,076 Accrued salaries payable 4,638 3,194 7,832 Accrued interest payable 59,566 113,174 172,740 Due to other governments 3 2,206 2,209 Compensated absences payable - current portion 13,340 7,615 20,955 Bonds payable - current portion 743,680 300,000 1,043,680 TOTAL CuRRENT LIABILITIES 866,973 469,519 1,336,492 NONCuRRENT LIABILITIES Compensated absences - noncurrent portion 13,533 7,704 21,237 Bonds payable - noncurrent portion 6,129,199 8,655,000 14,784,199</p><p> TOTAL NONCuRRENT LIABILITIES 6,142,732 8,662,704 14,805,436 TOTAL LIABILITIES 7,009,705 9,132,223 16,141,928 NET POSITION Net investment in capital assets 7,833,645 6,791,230 14,624,875 unrestricted 422,718 991,086 1,413,804 TOTAL NET POSITION $8,256,363 $7,782,316 $16,038,679 </p><p>CITY OF BELLE PLAINE, MINNESOTASTATEMENTS OF REVENUES, EXPENSES AND</p><p> CHANGES IN NET POSITION - PROPRIETARY FUNDSDecember 31, 2013</p><p> Business-type Activities - Major Enterprise Funds 203 204 Sewer water Totals OPERATING REVENuES Charges for service $1,109,117 $799,681 $1,908,798 OPERATING EXPENSES Personal services 346,166 255,883 602,049 Supplies 25,987 22,282 48,269 Other services and charges 124,705 45,023 169,728 Repair and maintenance 58,255 95,878 154,133 utilities 58,991 95,077 154,068 Insurance 30,231 14,107 44,338 Depreciation 458,299 406,405 864,704 TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES 1,102,634 934,655 2,037,289 OPERATING INCOME (LOSS) 6,483 (134,974) (128,491) NONOPERATING REVENuES (EXPENSES) Connection fees 71,574 56,560 128,134 Interest income - 7,547 7,547 Miscellaneous 281 274 555 Interest expense (172,658) (274,840) (447,498) TOTAL NONOPERATING REVENuES (EXPENSES) (100,803) (210,459) (311,262) LOSS BEFORE CONTRIBuTIONS AND TRANSFERS (94,320) (345,433) (439,753) CAPITAL CONTRIBuTIONS - GOVERNMENTAL FuNDS 159,206 202,362 361,568 TRANSFERS OuT (30,372) (38,498) (68,870) CHANGE IN NET POSITION 34,514 (181,569) (147,055) NET POSITION, jANuARy 1 8,221,849 7,963,885 16,185,734 NET POSITION, DECEMBER 31 $8,256,363 $7,782,316 $16,038,679 </p><p>CITY OF BELLE PLAINE, MINNESOTASTATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS - PROPRIETARY FUNDS</p><p>December 31, 2013 Business-type Activities - Major Enterprise Funds 203 204 Sewer water Totals CASH FLOwS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES Receipts from customers and users $1,100,787 $797,086 $1,897,873 Payments to suppliers (295,392) (273,094) (568,486) Payments to employees (352,177) (260,444) (612,621) NET CASH PROVIDED By OPERATING ACTIVITIES 453,218 263,548 716,766 CASH FLOwS FROM NONCAPITAL FINANCING ACTIVITIES Transfers to other funds (30,372) (38,498) (68,870) CASH FLOwS FROM CAPITAL FINANCING ACTIVITIES Connection fees received 71,574 56,560 128,134 Interest paid on bonds (179,214) (271,935) (451,149) Bond issuance costs paid - - - Principal paid on bonds (725,110) (280,000) (1,005,110) NET CASH uSED By CAPITAL FINANCING ACTIVITIES (832,750) (495,375) (1,328,125) CASH FLOwS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES Increase (decrease) in fair value of investments - (150) (150) NET DECREASE IN CASH AND CASH EQuIVALENTS (409,904) (270,475) (680,379) CASH AND CASH EQuIVALENTS, jANuARy 1 837,715 1,287,304 2,125,019 CASH AND CASH EQuIVALENTS, DECEMBER 31 $427,811 $1,016,829 $1,444,640 </p><p>Published in the Belle Plaine Herald on wednesday, july 23, 2014.</p><p>STATE OF MINNESOTACOUNTY OF SCOTTDISTRICT COURT</p><p>FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICTPROBATE DIVISION</p><p> Court File No.: 70-PR-14-11288NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE OF wILL AND </p><p>APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL </p><p>REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS</p><p>In Re: Estate of Bernice Theresa Collins,a/k/a Bernice T. Collins</p><p>Deceased.Notice is given that an application </p><p>for informal probate of the Dece-dents Last will and Testament dated August 1, 2000, has been filed with the Registrar. The Application has been granted. Any objections may be filed with this Court and will be heard by the Court after proper notice of hearing.</p><p>Notice is also given that the Regis-trar has informally appointed Lorie Ann Beerling, whose address is 2320 jennifer Lane, Shakopee, Minnesota 55379, as personal representative of the Estate of the Decedent. Any heir, devisee, or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as personal representative or may object to the appointment of the personal representative. unless objections are filed with the Court (pursuant to Minn. Stat. 524.3-607) and the Court otherwise orders, the personal repre-sentative has full power to adminis-ter the Estate including, after 30 days from the date of issuance of letters, the power to sell, encumber, lease or distribute real estate. </p><p>Notice is also given that (subject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801) ALL CRED-ITORS having claims against the Es-tate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court administrator within four months after the date of this Notice or the claims will be barred.</p><p>Dated: july 14, 2014Filed in Scott County Courts july </p><p>14, 2014 Heather M. Kendall</p><p>RegistrarDelores A. Beussmann</p><p>Deputy Court AdministratorHeather L. L. Koering, #30394X</p><p>Eastlund, Solstad, Cade, Hutchin-son &amp; ysebaert, Ltd.</p><p>4200 County Rd. 42 w.Savage, MN 55378</p><p>(952) 894-6400Published in the Belle Plaine Her-</p><p>ald on wednesdays, july 16 and 23, 2014. </p><p>LEGAL NOTICEThe Scott County Board of Com-</p><p>missioners has determined that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required for the Merriam junction Sands Proposed Min-ing Operation. The Scott County Board of Commissioners approved the Final Scoping Decision Docu-ment on june 3, 2014. The EIS will provide a project description, possible alternatives, and identify potential significant environmen-tal effects. It has been determined that the EIS will further analyze most issues identified in an Envi-ronmental Assessment worksheet such as: surface water, groundwa-ter, wildlife, vegetation, erosion, traffic, noise, air quality, and land use compatibility. The Final scoping decision docu-</p><p>ment is available on the Scott County website at under Parks Library Envi-ronment/Environment/Environ-mental Review/Merriam junction Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Please contact Kate Sed-lacek at 952-496-8351 or to receive a copy of the Final scoping decision document by mail or e-mail.Published in the Belle Plaine Her-</p><p>ald on wednesday, july 23, 2014.</p><p>PUBLIC ACCURACY TESTOF ELECTION EQUIPMENT</p><p>ON THuRSDAy, juLy 31, 2014, A PuBLIC ACCuRACy TEST OF THE ELECTRONIC VOTING EQuIPMENT wILL BE HELD FOR THE PRECINCTS LISTED BELOw. THE PuBLIC ACCuRA-Cy TEST wILL BE HELD IN THE TOwNSHIP HALL CONFERENCE ROOM IN THE ADMINISTRA-TION BuILDING ON THE SEC-OND FLOOR OF THE CARVER COuNTy COuRTHOuSE AT 2:30 PM AND 6:30 PM.</p><p>IF yOu wOuLD LIKE TO wIT-NESS THIS DEMONSTRATION, yOu ARE wELCOME TO DO SO AT THE ABOVE MENTIONED LOCATION.</p><p>PARTICIPATING PRECINCTS (TIMES wILL VARy):</p><p>BENTON TOwNSHIPCAMDEN TOwNSHIPDAHLGREN TOwNSHIPHANCOCK TOwNSHIPHOLLywOOD TOwNSHIPSAN FRANCISCO TOwNSHIPwACONIA TOwNSHIPwATERTOwN TOwNSHIPyOuNG AMERICA TOwNSHIPCITy OF CARVERCITy OF COLOGNECITy OF HAMBuRGCITy OF MAyERCITy OF NEw GERMANyCITy OF NORwOOD yOuNG </p><p>AMERICAPublished in the Belle Plaine Herald </p><p>on wednesdays, july 23, 2014.</p></li><li><p>BELLE PLAINE HERALD, BELLE PLAINE, MINNESOTA PAGE ELEvENwEDNESDAy, juLy 23, 2014</p><p>Legal Notices(continued on the next page)</p><p>The Belle Plaine Herald makes a GREAT gift... </p><p>Keep it in mind forBirthday, Anniversary </p><p>and wedding gift giving.952-873-2261</p><p> Legal Notices(continued from previous page)</p><p>**ATTENTioN FAxoN TowNsHiP PRoPERTy </p><p>TAx PAyERs**Notice of Change to Estimated Market values For 2014 As-sessment (2015 Payable) For </p><p>Property Tax PurposesBy order of the Minnesota De-</p><p>partment of Revenue Property Tax Division The Commission-er of Revenue has ordered State Board Changes directing the Sib-ley County Assessor to increase the value of residential structures 5% in the Township of Faxon, which is to be applied to the 2014 Assessment estimated market val-ues. This is an order of the State Board of Equalization and cannot be appealed to the Minnesota Tax Court.</p><p>Again, this affects only residen-tial properties with structures in the Township of Faxon. As a re-sult, the values (for property tax purposes only) listed on the val-uation Notices mailed to you this past spring are no longer accu-rate. This value will NOT match the value that has been ordered to be placed on these properties. The 5% increase to residential structures will be reflected in the new value that will appear on the Truth in Taxation statements mailed to you this fall for taxes payable in 2015. you will not re-ceive a new valuation Notice. </p><p>The Sibley County Assessors Office was not in agreement of this increase to values, but has been ordered to do so pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 273.061 subd 9(f). </p><p>If you have any questions (ex. Did this affect my property? what is my new value?) please contact the Sibley County Assessors Of-fice at (507) 237-4078 or send an email to</p><p>Published in the Belle Plaine Herald on wednesdays, july 16 and 23, 2014. </p><p>sTATE oF MiNNEsoTACoUNTy oF sCoTT</p><p>FiRsT JUDiCiAL DisTRiCTDisTRiCT CoURT</p><p>PRoBATE DivisioN Court File No.: 70-PR-14-7054</p><p>NoTiCE oF iNFoRMAL PRoBATE oF wiLL AND </p><p>APPoiNTMENT oF PERsoNAL </p><p>REPREsENTATivE AND NoTiCE To CREDiToRs</p><p>Estate of Carl E. williams</p><p>Decedent.Notice is given that an application </p><p>for informal probate of the Dece-dents will dated january 31, 2014, has been filed with the Registrar. The application has been granted. </p><p>Notice is also given that the Reg-istrar has informally appointed ju-dith M. williams, whose address is 7560 East 280th Street, Webster, MN 55088, as personal representative of the Estate of the Decedent. Any heir, devisee, or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as personal representative or may object to the appointment of the personal representative. unless objections are filed with the Court (pursuant to Minn. Stat. 524.3-607) and the Court otherwise orders,...</p></li></ul>