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    2 3 4 5 6 14 The Calculus of Experience Is the Group Laterals Local Offices of The Legal's And the Runners-Up

    Starting Up a New Best Teacher for May Offer Better National Firms Offer Top Lateral Hires Are .. . Law Firm Lateral Moves Chance of Success Opportunities Of2014

  • 6 Top Laterals TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24,2015

    -ThLLegal's Top Lateral Hires of 2014 BY GINA PASSARELLA Of the Legal Staff

    The lateral market in 2014 . proved. consistent. with recent years m two mam respects: The allure of group laterals remained strong and the insurance industry continued to see some of the most significant shake-out.

    Group moves also meant a number of new firms, to the state, whether it was out-of-town firms coming into Pennsylvania or the formation of new firms by departing lawyers.

    Each year, The Lesal's staff combs through our archives, seeks guidance from trusted sources and debates internally the most significant lateral moves of the year. Those named to this list either had a sigpificant impact on their departing firms, were a big coup for their new employers, created a lot of buzz in the commu-nity when they made a move or all of the above. The lawyers below often had strong books of business, prac-ticed in influential areas, helped craft business of law strategies, added a new practice to their new firms or signaled a shift in strategy within an industry.

    AJAY RAJU AND TEAM Ajay Raju's move from a leadership

    Dilworth Paxson's laterals. Standing, left to right: Lauren A. Crammer, Melissa Anagnostakos, Ajay Raju, Alex F. Braden and Georgee V. Thevervelil. Seated, left to right: Jacob A. Matlin, Dimple C. Patel, Eric BerkOWitz_and Lorena L. Trujillo. Photo by Nanette Kardaszeski.

    role in Reed Smith's Philadelphia . office to the executive chairman and CEO of Dilworth Paxson was signifi-cant on several fronts.

    For starters, he led a 10-person corporate law team from Reed Smith to his new firm. It was a group several people knowledgeable about the

    move have said constituted a mUlti-million-dollar book of business.

    A former head of the Philadelphia Top Laterals continues on 7

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    office of Reed Smith and leader in its business and finance practice, Raju's practice and stature at his old firm would have been enough to get him on this list, but his move signaled a deeper shift in the industry as well .

    . Law firms almost never hire top-level leadership from other firms. But in the midst of a number of manage-ment changes, Dilworth Paxson looked to rejuvenate its leadership with the hire of someone who had already shown law firm management prowess. Moving from a 1,700-lawyer firm to one of about 100 is not typi-cal, but Raju brought to Dilworth Paxson a lot of business and a fresh perspective on firm marketing and growth.

    "Only in our industry do we not consider a more innovative or pro-fessional approach;' Raju had said of the legal profession as a whole. He had said he thinks law firms will begin to blur the lines between prac-ticipg law and being strategic advis-ers that tap into business as well as legal acumen.


    Joan N. Stern, Marc S. Stein, Robert I. Tuteur, Dacia A. Haddad and William T. Benzing III took their highly praised public finance

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    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24,2015 Top Laterals 7

    Eckert Seamarzs Cherin & Mellott's laterals. Standing, left to right: Marc S. Stein, William T. Benzing III, Dacia- A. Haddad and Robert 1. Tuteur., Seated: joan N. Stem. Photo by Nanette Kardaszeski.

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