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<ul><li><p>Memoori Webinar LEDs Lighting the Way towards smart CitiesSemiconductor approach to integrated lighting solutionsMICHAEL LEGOFF (CEO)</p><p>DR KEITH STRICKLAND (C TO)</p><p>11 TH MAY 2016</p></li><li><p>2COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</p><p>Plessey is an innovative technology design and manufacturing company </p><p> Globally recognised British brand</p><p> Innovation and technology centres in Swindon and Plymouth</p><p> Significant manufacturing facilities in Plymouth</p><p> Strong management team and experienced advisory board </p><p>World class GaN-on-Silicon light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing technology for the growing solid state lighting (SSL) market</p><p> In March 2013 Plessey launched worlds first available GaN on 6-inch silicon LED products</p><p> GaN on Silicon USPs in conjunction with silicon / IC industry advanced packaging</p><p> Differentiated SSL solutions Integrated Inteligent (i2LED) approach</p><p> Provides integration solution for smart LED lighting</p><p> Cost advantage over traditional LED manufacturing technologies</p><p> Demonstrating LED performance at &gt;60% WPE</p><p>Executive Summary</p></li><li><p>3COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</p><p>Global Presence</p><p>HQ R&amp;D centre Sales office</p><p>Plymouth</p><p>Swindon</p><p>Philadelphia</p><p>Florianpolis</p><p>ShenzhenDelhi</p><p>Shanghai</p><p>Munich</p><p>Milan</p></li><li><p>4COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</p><p>2016 AND ONWARDS</p><p>Acquisition of CamGaN provides access </p><p>to ground-breaking LED technology</p><p>Market-leading sensor technology </p><p>developed alongside legacy product sales</p><p>Plessey doubles efficacy within the year, from 32 to 64lm/W</p><p>Plessey produces worlds first commercial LEDs manufactured on 6 (150mm) diameter silicon substrates</p><p>Transfer of experimental recipe onto production tool completed </p><p>Plessey re-launched from the Swindon </p><p>and Plymouth facilities</p><p>Mainstream GaN-on-Si production</p><p>Expanded product range Power LEDs</p><p>Efficacy at 130lm/W, and higher in lab</p><p>2013201220112010 2014</p><p>Advanced packaging solutions</p><p>i2LED technology</p><p>14 reactors installation plans</p><p>Plessey: An innovative technology company</p><p>2015</p></li><li><p>5COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</p><p>Si</p><p>HEAT</p><p>GaN on Silicon Inherent Unique Selling Points</p><p> Better Thermal Performance that provides 3 degrees of leverage Lower LED operating temp Higher reliability</p><p> Simpler heat sink Lower system cost</p><p> Higher drive current cost down through more lumens per die area</p><p> Improved Hot-Cold factor</p><p> Focussed light emitting surface (smaller etendue) Surface emitter V.S. volume emitter: How spread out the light is</p><p> Simpler and lower cost optical system</p><p> Better lm/W maintenance when scaling up die size</p><p> Better uniformity Better process control for target wavelength</p><p> Higher wavelength binning yield Lower cost for LEDs with tight </p><p>binning requests</p><p> Sharper wavelength peak for big die</p><p> Better colour control for a high power LED</p><p>Si 149 W/mK</p><p>Sapphire 27 W/mK</p><p>LIGHT</p><p>SiLight absorption Efficiency loss~20% efficiency drop ~2% efficiency drop</p><p>Our GaN-on-Si</p><p>Typical GaN-on-Sapphire</p><p>Wavelength Std Dev</p><p>Consistent PL wavelength standard deviation of &lt; 3nm, typical 2.5nm.Wafer bow is within a tight range of 0 um 10um </p><p>Si</p><p>Si</p><p>Si</p><p>mirror</p><p>Simple mesa Vertical Thin Film</p></li><li><p>6COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</p><p>n-up VLED Chip on Si</p><p>Chip Scale Packaging</p><p>Wafer Level Packaging</p><p>GEN 1: Vertical LED GEN 2: Segmentation/ Chip Scale Optics and </p><p>Advanced Packaging</p><p>GEN 3: Wafer Scale Packaging &amp;TSV </p><p>Intelligent LED Monolithic </p><p>Si-Integration</p><p>GEN 4: Active Sub-mount</p><p> Double bottom contacts Active bonded wafer</p><p> Addressable arrays Zener Diode Low Power regulation Photodiodes Mount on Silicon</p><p> n-Up VLED with wire bond Two bottom contact Wafer level phosphor </p><p>dispense TSV-Through Silicon Vias Wafer scale LED to sub-</p><p>mountHV Segmentation</p><p> VHA process Segmented LED on chip</p><p>On-Chip Diagnostics &amp; Controls for Temperature Intensity Spectrum ESD Connectivity &amp; CommunicationsMicro displays</p><p>Hi-Voltage (&gt;48V) DC / AC LEDs for system level benefits in Retrofits (space constraint) Driver efficiency AutomotiveHigh Density LED Arrays for Automotive Headlamps Intelligent LED Displays Power Projection Sources</p><p> Cost Reduction by Scaling to 8 Si Large Area LEDs Surface Emission Superior Thermal Performance Competitive performance</p><p> No Wire Bonds (Hi Reliability) Flat Top for Direct Optical Attach Optimized Active Area Usage No Far Field Wire Bond Shadow Low Contact Resistance, Good thermal resistance</p><p>Technology Roadmap</p><p>Chip Scale Optics and Reflectors</p><p> White light beam shaping Reduced secondary optics</p><p> Size and format System cost advantages Greater design freedom Spots Hi Bays Stadiums</p><p> On Chip white light Collimation potential down </p><p>to 10 degrees</p></li><li><p>Thank You</p></li></ul>


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