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  • 1. Prepared by: Dhara Makadiya

2. Who is leader??? A person who influences a group of people toward the achievement of a goal. 3. 5 MAIN ELEMENTS 4. Lead to success.!!!! 1) Openness to learn: - Openness to subordinate your ego to take idea from others. 2) Meritocracy: - The best ideas are adopted & implemented using data to arrive at the best decision. 3) Speed: - To do the things fast as compared to yesterday. 5. 4) Imagination: - You continually bring new ideas and better innovation to the work. 5) Excellence in execution: - That is implementation of these great ideas with a higher level of excellence today than yesterday. 6. o Innovates o An originals o Developers o Focus on people o Long Range perspective o inspire trust o Ask what and why o Does the right thing 7. What is leadership???? Leadership is a process of influencing group activities towards accomplishment of goals in a given situation. 8. What Qualities you have.!!!!! 9. Leadership Types: Autocratic Democratic Laissez-faire 10. 1. Autocratic All decision-making powers are centralized Act as director Leaders do not entertain any suggestions or initiatives from subordinates. 11. When to use Democratic leadership style??? 12. When quick decisions are needed 13. No need for others inputs 14. Team agreement is not necessary 15. When high level of management control is needed 16. Limitations of autocratic Leadership 17. Employees cannot question decisions 18. Little opportunity to give suggestions 19. 2. Democratic It consists of the leader sharing the decision-making abilities with group members Promoting the interests of the group members and by practicing social equality Also called Shared leadership or Participative leadership 20. When to use democratic leadership style??? 21. Team Agreement is needed 22. Greater motivation and commitment 23. Knowledgeable and skillful team members 24. Limitation of Democratic leadership style 25. Its is a time consuming affair 26. 3. Laissez-faire Subordinates are given a free hand in deciding their own policies and methods The subordinates are motivated to be creative and innovative. 27. When to use laissez faire style.??? 28. When the team is highly capable 29. When team members are able to Annalise the situation 30. When close monitoring of a decision is not needed 31. When there is full trust and confident in team members 32. Limitations of laissez Faire Style..?? 33. Not suitable for experienced employees 34. Lack of motivation 35. Poor Productivity 36. International Business Leader... The most successful business icons has been heroic CEOs who sit astride the giant corporations the huge system and steers it brilliantly. Michel Eisner at Disney Bill Gates at Microsoft Jack Welch at GE 37. Indian Business Leader... Dhirubhai Ambani with Mukesh & Anil Ambani JRD tata with Ratan Tata The Birla Group 38. Problems of Leadership in 21st century!!!! No uniformity in attitude, personality & Educational background. Do Not catch the train. Power tactics. Lack of transparency in decision making. 39. Tomorrows corporate leader should be!!!! Strategic Opportunities Decentralized manager Global / Culture awareness Interpersonally Competent